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Tasting Notes


Light golden color.


Perfectly Chablis Grand Cru AOC Château Grenouille 2004 has perfect balance, oily texture and wonderfully soft, refreshing taste, in which the tones are complemented minerals stunningly clean shades of white fruit. Long aftertaste lasts almost a minute and fascinating notes of dried apricots, raisins, almonds and vanilla.


Complex, delicate aroma reveals after some time and demonstrates the delightful floral tones intertwined with notes of ripe pears, apples, yellow plums, apricots, hazelnuts and vanilla.


The wine is perfect as an aperitif and is the best supplement hot dishes of crustaceans, fish in cream sauce, as well as chicken and veal. It goes well with cold fish and meats, and soft cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Unique Chablis Grand Cru Château Grenouille can rightly be called the best wines in the collection La Chablisienne. Created wine from Chardonnay vines forty years crop grown in the vineyards of the south-western exposure at the top of Chablis Grand Cru Grenouille (Chablis Grands Crus Grenouilles). Vintage is made by hand at the peak of ripeness several times per season, after which the berries carefully sorted and carefully press. Before fermentation grape juice to stand for 12-20 hours and then poured into small casks of oak, where alcohol and passes malolactic fermentation. Term aging of wine is 20 months, and the time of Chablis Grand Cru Château Grenouille spends in neutral vessels, and some - in small French oak barrels. This technology allows you to keep all the delicious flavors and aromas of Chardonnay, mitigate its minerality and make a bouquet of wine even more difficult due to the notes of spices and dried fruits.

Try surprisingly complex Chablis Grand Cru AOC Château Grenouille 2004, which is at the peak of maturity and reveals a surprisingly clean shades of pears, apples, yellow plums, raisins and dried apricots. Give a special piquancy blame branded mineral tones and notes of vanilla and almond, developing into a surprisingly long finish. At the peak of ripeness wine will be between 2010-2020 years, and over time it will become even more sophisticated and seductive fruity notes will prevail over tones of minerals.

La Chablisienne company traces its history to 1923. It was in this year, several winemakers decided to join forces to survive the economic crisis. Today, the company brings together about 300 households and 25% owned vineyards in Chablis, the world-famous high-quality white wines. All wines are made from La Chablisienne Chardonnay grapes, which due to the unique limestone soils of Chablis gets delicious fruit flavors and a rich variety of mineral colors. Each year the company produces about thirty different wines that have a strong personality. At the same time a lot of attention is paid to tillage and cultivation of vines and biodynamic methods are used the minimum amount of fertilizer. In turn, the careful selection of Chardonnay vines and "green fee", held several times during the season to achieve high quality of the crop and help terroir fully apparent even in bad years. The company is no systematic approach to the production of wine, so that each of them is created by our own technology, and the main criterion for evaluation is the systematic analysis of raw materials and wine tasting in the process of vinification.
Depending on the region in which the grapes are grown in Chablis, the wines are not only taste and aroma, but also potential exposure. In Petit Chablis wines are created that can develop from 1 to 5 years, whereas wine Chablis Premiers Crus and Chablis Grand Cru reach true maturity in 5 -10 years.


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