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Wine Kuentz-Bas, Gewurztraminer "Pfersigberg" Trois Chateaux, Alsace Grand Cru, 2013

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Tasting Notes


The wine is a golden yellow color.


The wine has an intense, well-structured taste with a creamy texture and a perfect balance of acidity and alcohol. Wide range with hints of tropical fruits (mango, pineapple, papaya) favorably shaded spicy touches of spice.


The wine has a complex, multilayered aroma with languid strokes of exotic fruits, floral notes and nuances of spices: cloves and curry.


The wine goes well with meat dishes, lamb, cheeses (such as Roquefort cheese). You can also serve it with desserts and dried fruits.

Interesting Facts

Gewurztraminer "Pfersigberg" Trois Chateaux - sweet white wine from the winery Kuentz-Bas, representing the famous French region of Alsace, famous varietal dry and sweet wines. Wine belongs to the line "Trois Chateaux" ("Three Castles"), named after the homonymous locality, situated at the foot of the mountains near the picturesque village of Eguisheim. Since 2007, the vineyards have been certified and have the status of Grand Cru. Gewurztraminer grape varieties are grown in accordance with biodynamic principles, vinification is carried out in a conventional manner. After a slow pressing the resulting juice is poured for the slow fermentation tanks where the wine spends 6 to 8 months. After fermentation, the wine is aged on the lees, a delicate pass filtering and bottled. Gewurztraminer "Pferzigberg" has a powerful, well-structured taste and rich aroma with notes of exotic fruits.

Kuentz-Bas - successful French wine company that supports and practices the tradition of creating wines of Alsace, presenting this unique terroir and glorifying a long tradition of Alsatian winemaking far beyond France. According to the records in the archives of the town Yusra-le-Chateau, the family Kunz engaged in winemaking since 1795. In 1894, after the wedding, the heirs of families Kunz and Bass, the company became a joint family affair, received a new impetus for its development and prosperity. Kunz farm-Bass already considered representative of Alsace winemaking traditions not only in France but also around the world. The company survived World War II and was able to quickly and easily recover. Since 1954, the company's vineyards cover about 12 hectares of hilly terrain. Since 2004, the company received a second wind, when management took over the winery Jean-Baptiste Adam - the great Alsatian winemaker, hired the company oenologist Tottoli Samuel, who began to actively implement the principles of biodynamic winemaking.

Producer's description

Winery Jean-Baptiste Adam is one of the oldest in Alsace, it was founded in 1614. Fourteen generations of the family, Adam worked hard to achieve a high level in the production of wine. Excerpt wine sector is still taking place in the 100-year old oak barrels. During World War II, the winery Jean-Baptiste Adam, hostile to the Germans, stopped production and trade in wine cellars and steel plant for many people in Ammerschwihr refuge during the bombing. In 1957, Jean Adam and his wife Paulette resumed production and began to sell wines of Alsace, not only in France but also abroad. Since 1999, the winery has become gradually shift to organic production, and in 2003 became the main principle of the production of biodynamics.


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In our store you can buy wine Kuentz-Bas, Gewurztraminer "Pfersigberg" Trois Chateaux, Alsace Grand Cru, 2013, price Kuentz-Bas, Gewurztraminer "Pfersigberg" Trois Chateaux, Alsace Grand Cru, 2013 — $ 56. Producer wine Jean-Baptiste Adam. Delivery Kuentz-Bas, Gewurztraminer "Pfersigberg" Trois Chateaux, Alsace Grand Cru, 2013.

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