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Wine Knjazja Trubetskogo, Cabernet

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Tasting Notes


Wine dense ruby ​​color with dark cherry hue.


The wine has a smooth, fresh taste with hints of cherry, ripe plum and currant fruit drinks, nice round tannins and well balanced acidity. The finish is spicy, cherry Cherry, with mild bitterness.


The aroma of wine is made up of notes of fresh crushed leaves currants, cherry jam foams, resins and cherry pits.


Wine is recommended to combine with veal carpaccio and cold meats.

Interesting Facts

Cabernet winery Prince Troubetzkoy - dry red wine created from Cabernet Sauvignon grown on the southern slopes of the Dnieper. For the formation of the vines on the farm used two main methods for red grape varieties - Guyot, for white - Cordon system. Chief Agronomist wineries, Andrew Vasilenko, believes that the valuation yield vines - the basis of producing high quality wines. Limiting the number of clusters on the vine leads to better aeration berries, which is key to the health of the crop and increases the level of sugar concentration, extractive and aromatic substances in the fruit.
Grape harvest begins upon reaching the technological maturity. Depending on the variety, harvest season, on average, runs from early September to late October. Grapes are removed manually, the primary sorting is carried out directly on the site: the low quality berries to cart not fall. Within an hour, the harvest is delivered to vinoproizvodstvenny shop. The berries are placed in special roll crusher-stalk, which is a mechanical release from the peduncle and grinding grapes. The must obtained from the pulp, peel and juice goes to press stekatel where the pulp is subjected to spinning. On the line is set to automatic temperature controller and ultra cooler. Cooling the wort in the production process will allow to preserve the varietal characteristics of the original material. The wort was sent to a settling tank insulation, in which a low temperature is carried out for 10-15 hours, and lowering the microparticles grapes sediment microorganisms. After settling, the wort is decanted and routed in tankers steel fermentation at a controlled temperature with the addition of pure cultures of yeast French. "Cold" wine - fermentation extract, stabilization and bottling in a sterile bottle - provides a slow extraction of flavoring ingredients, preserving the varietal characteristics and ensures high quality of the wine.

Producer's description

Winery Prince PN Trubetskoy is one of the oldest and most famous wineries of Ukraine. The history of the company has more than 120 years. The first vineyards were established in 1896. Selection of land for plantations and varieties of vines produced the first winemaker of the Russian Empire - Prince Golitsyn LS When selecting priority was given to groups of Pinot, Riesling, Aliquot and Cabernet. Prince Troubetzkoy PN, owner of the winery, established full production cycle: for vinification were equipped with deep cellars and wine line. The winery has released 14 titles of Prince of dry table wines. The unique climatic conditions, the composition of the land, the use of modern technologies in viticulture and winemaking are not forced to wait long for results. In 1900 at the World Exhibition in Paris wine farms were awarded the Grand Prix. In 1902 the Prince of winemakers PN Trubeckogo awarded first prize named after Emperor Alexander III, "for the best Russian grape table wine" and in 1903 "for the exemplary culture of the vineyards." In addition to wines, the company has released a grape juices, which deservedly received in 1908 the highest awards at exhibitions in Lemzale and Wolmar.

After 1917, viticulture and winery Prince Troubetzkoy became the property of the state and was named Vinsovhoz them. VI Lenin. Winegrowers and winemakers vinsovhoza continue the glorious traditions of the company - was largely preserved varietal composition of vineyards and, most importantly - keep the technology of production of wine in the classical way. During the Soviet period, the company has received at international exhibitions and wine tastings 33 gold and silver medals. Of particular popularity and recognition to wines that since 1949 the hallmark vinsovhoza them. Lenin - "Velvet Ukraine," "Pearl of the steppe", "Naddniprianske." Today winery adheres to the traditions of classical winemaking, proven by the strict judge - time, and once the company has brought success and international recognition. In a highly competitive environment to create consistently high quality wines, the winery combines tradition with cutting-edge technology of the wine production. Shop and all production lines of Winery Prince Troubetzkoy equipped with modern appliances leading Italian manufacturer, a leader in the industry.


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