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Wine Klein Constantia, "KC" Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, 2012

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Tasting Notes


Characterized by a deep ruby ​​color with garnet hue.


Taste rich, dense, with dominant fruit tones, notes of milk chocolate, soft but bright tannins. Wine is very Pitka. The finish is long, with hints of wild berries.


Intriguing flavor of the drink, classic, fruity, with hints of black cherry, plum mature, cedar and spices.


The wine goes well with meats, cheeses, risotto, pasta.

Interesting Facts

"COP" Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot 2011 - dense wine in the classical style, which has elegant taste with a rich texture and soft tannins. The grapes for this wine are harvested from vineyards Helderberg and Simonsberg, located at Cape Vineland. In the manufacture of innovative technology used mikrooksigenatsii and subsequent aging in steel tanks for 12 months and the traditional aging in French oak barrels, also lasting 12 months. The wine should be drunk young, but you can survive for several years in the bottle.

Klein Constantia - the oldest winery in South Africa. The first vineyards owned by the winery were planted back in 1685 in the picturesque valley of Constantia, just south of Table Mountain. The first governor of the Cape, Simon van der Steele praised the dignity and beauty of the valley on the Gulf of Falls Bay and founded the estate vineyards. From Germany and other parts of Europe were brought vines of different varieties. Extensive vineyards Simon van der Steele to 1709 numbered about 70,000 vines. After the death of van der Steele, his heirs did not want to stay in South Africa. The farm was divided into three parts and sold. In 1778, the estate vineyards in the province bought the famous farmer and winemaker Hendrik stands. It was under his leadership, Klein Constantia wine farm became famous around the world. Special glory gained legendary sweet wine "Constance", which from the beginning of the XIX century was delivered to the royal courts of Europe, along with the wines of Tokaj and Madeira. Sweet Lovers "Constance" were King George IV and Napoleon. She praised famous writers in their works. Son Hendrik Johan crate will continue to produce the famous sweet "Constance", which glorified his family. Winery Klein Constantia perfecting production, and in 1823 built a large cellar for aging wines. But at the end of the XIX century phylloxera destroyed the vineyards and wine have ceased to produce. Successful businessman Abraham de Villiers bought the farm Klein Constantia in 1913 and revived the production of fine wines.

The modern history of Klein Constantia farms began in 1980, after the owner of the vineyard became Duggie Yuste. Duggie, whose family from generation to generation engaged in viticulture in South Africa, restored manor. The first harvest was in 1986 built a new cellar. The main aim was to revive the economy of the legendary "Constance." For new plantings have found a unique clone of Muscat grapes de Frontignan. This grade is used here 300 years ago for the production of sweet, "Constance." Recreated a great sweet wine "Vin de Constance" was done on the same technology, the same vineyards and in the style of the famous "Constance."

Today the winery manages Lovel Yuste, son Duggie Yuste. Klein Constantia is among the 25 best wineries in the world rated American magazine "Wine & Spirits" in 2002. Klein Constantia Vineyards are located just 20 km from the city of Cape Town, near Cape Keypskogo Peninsula, on the south-eastern slopes of Mount Constance. The total area of ​​the economy, together with the vineyards is 146 hectares. The local soil and climate are very well suited for growing grapes with intense fruity aroma. Clay fertile soil retains moisture very well, and this is especially important during the dry summer season.


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