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Kizlyar cognac distillery, "5 stars", gift box, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Cognac dark golden color with amber highlights.


Cognac has a rounded, structured taste with a delicate floral beginning and saturated vanilla finish.


The aroma of cognac - dense, filled with bright colors and shades of essential new oak.


Cognac is recommended to use in its pure form, accompanied by a good cigar or coffee.

Interesting Facts

Cognac "Five Stars" made ​​Kizlyar Cognac Factory in 1947. This drink is made using a unique technology, through which gets its unique flavor and aroma characteristics. The distillation of cognac they added yeast, as a result of such a compound is formed enantovogo ether, also known as "brandy butter", making the drink more soft and velvety. Excerpt brandy made in oak barrels, its minimum term - 5 years. Cognac "Five Stars" by CCH has won numerous gold, silver and bronze medals at various international exhibitions, so there is no doubt in the excellent quality of the drink.

Kizlyar - Dagestani town, whose history began in the XVII century. This town, connecting the East to the Caucasus, has always been famous for its strong drinks made from local grapes. Sam Peter, reputed a great connoisseur of alcoholic beverages, admired production Kizlyar wine: "How goblet drink - another wants another drink - on the third soul is burning."

Kizlyar cognacs gained fame in 1885. It was then that the talented winemaker David Saradzhev decides to merge several distilleries. After a few years of his fraktoriya transformed into large-scale production - Kizlyar Brandy Company, today is one of the most renowned, respected and well-known manufacturers of alcoholic beverages in the Russian market.
The secret of success "CCH" is a unique recipe all products sold, as well as honoring old traditions harmoniously combined with the most advanced technologies create alcoholic beverages.


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