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Wine Kishu Umeshu Mi Iri, 820 ml

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Tasting Notes


Wine golden brown.


Taste wine has a lovely fruity sweetness and expressive acidity.


The wine has a sweet fruity aroma.


The wine is ideal for serving Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Whole fruit plum wine - a delicious treat.

Interesting Facts

Kishu Umeshu Mi Iri - white semi-sweet plum wine with whole plum fruit that turn wine into a delicious treat. This traditional Japanese wine made from plums Ume, the fruit of which a high concentration of minerals and fruit acids. Ume Plum deemed very useful for health. Made of her wine improves metabolism and relieves fatigue, and if you mix wine with hot water, it warms and provides a calm, deep sleep. That's why in China Ume plum considered a symbol of longevity, while at her home in Japan - a symbol of purity.

Company Kishu Wine - the largest manufacturer in Japan, specializing in the production of plums Ume - was founded in 1932. The company's factory is located in Wakayama region, formerly known as Kishu, known as the main area of ​​growth of this unique Japanese fruit. All wines are made using only natural ingredients.

In Japan, the rich centuries-old traditions and distinct culture of drinking, plum wine Umesh made more than 1000 years. Ume fruits are known for their healing properties and is widely used not only for cooking wine and soft drinks, but also in Eastern medicine. Modern recipe plum wine production Umesh there are about 400 years old. Fresh ripe plum, which is usually harvested in early June, is not separated from the seed insist with added sugar and fruit alcohol. Sometimes the blame for giving a bright yellow, red or green tint, and in order to diversify the taste during infusion in it add honey, berries, citrus, perilla leaves or green tea leaves. Plum wine is recommended to be served chilled or with ice. Interestingly, in contrast to the wines, the taste of which only spoils the ice, plum wine, on the contrary, in conjunction with the ice fully reveals its taste and aroma.


  • Color depth: moderate
  • Body/Saturation: average
  • Serving temperature: 10°С
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