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Cognac "Kinovsky" 3 years old, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Cognac warm, golden amber color.


Expressive taste cognac slowly reveals vanilla notes. Long aftertaste with spicy bitterness.


Cognac has a rich aroma with notes of fresh fruit and flowers, harmoniously complemented by honey tones.


Cognac is an excellent digestif.

Interesting Facts

Brand name cognac " Kinovsky " was created in 2005. TM "Kinovsky" is one of the most dynamic brands on the market. "Kinovsky" is the first cognac in Russia, talking about social responsibility and the culture of alcohol consumption. Among its strengths is a huge credit of consumer confidence, recognizability, topical design. Cognac "Kinovsky" represents the social project "Know the measure!".
The composition of the drink includes cognac distillates of French origin (directly from the Cognac region), whose age is 3-4 years.

The quality of Kinovskiy cognac is confirmed by the ecological certificate of the International Ecological Foundation , which indicates its naturalness, the absence of chemical preservatives or GMO of vegetable origin.
Cognac is also the winner of the "Goods of the Year" award (Moscow) and has won numerous awards such as PRODEXPO (Moscow), the International Professional Wine and Spirits Competition (Moscow), Wine-Vodka (Sochi), Wine and Vodka Fair (St. Petersburg).

Producer's description

Quality Innovation Reliability

Group of Companies "Kin" combines popular Russian brands of alcoholic beverages, each with impeccable quality. Currently, the company's assortment range consists of:
- Brandies produced in the classical way on the basis of cognac distillates, delivered from the Cognac region (France);
- Russian vodka (special and classic);
- Natural liqueurs brandy.

Moscow Wine and Cognac Factory "Kin" is among the leaders of the Russian alcohol industry. The company was founded in 1940, and the history of its development is inextricably linked with the history of the country itself. The plant was opened in a village near Moscow Khimki and specialized in the production of natural fruit syrups and water. In the state at that time there were only 20 people. During the war years, "due to the lack of bottles and carbon dioxide" Khimki plant on time ceased production of carbonated water. Instead, the company began to produce home-made beer, kvass and juice - products that are particularly appreciated in war.

After the war, the plant resumed his usual activities. In the 50 years it has been the reconstruction of the shops, and for many years it was the only producer in the USSR natural alcoholic infusions of apples, grapes, citrus, cherry and currant. Plant products shipped in oak barrels, which are also produced at the plant. Today, the older generation still remembers the fruit water from his childhood: "Orange", "Lemon", "Mandarin" and drink Soviet children - "Citro".
In 1960, for the first time in the history of the plant appeared and cognac. He also became the basis for the unique Soviet-era soda water "Capital". 60 years have been marked by the fact that the future "Kin" joined the association "Dagvino". The first bottling of alcoholic beverages under the auspices of "Dagvino" took place at the plant in 1965.
In the second half of the 70s the plant technology department was established, which launched the line of bottling of wines. In 1978, the plant "Dagvino" got a new name - the Moscow plant Dagestan wines and brandies. And in the same year, experts research and production plant together with employees of Institute have developed a recipe PB famous drink "Baikal", which was to become the Soviet response "Coca-Cola" in the upcoming Olympic Games in 1980.

Anti-alcohol campaign of the 1980s also brought about changes in the activity of the plant, and it has been completely redeveloped to produce only non-alcoholic beverages. The changes reflected in the title - now it was Moscow concentrates and beverage plant. In 1986, the company started on the new collaboration with the company "Coca-Cola" work to install bottling lines "Coca-Cola", "Fanta", "Lake Baikal" and "Evening Arbat". Thus, in the 90s the Moscow plant concentrates and drinks came diversified enterprise for the production of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In 1994, the plant received a new status and name - OAO Moscow Wine and Cognac Factory "Kin". In 1997, the "Kin" was the first of Russian cognac producers who began to import raw material directly from France and produce cognac by classic French techniques, firing on the Russian market is an entirely new type of product.

In 2007, the Group of Companies "Kin" is the only country in the Museum of the History of Cognac was opened in Moscow. This social project seeks to promote the culture of drinking cognac.

Today MVKZ "Kin" is among the leaders of the Russian alcohol industry. The leading brands of the company are the Russian brandy brands "Moscow" and "Kinovsky". Distribution of the Civil Code "Kin" covers the whole territory of Russia. Alcoholic beverage companies comply with not only Russian but also international standards.


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