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Tasting Notes


Vodka is clean, transparent, shiny color.


Vodka has a refreshing, cool taste with hints of mint and menthol.


The aroma of vodka is fresh, clean, with light menthol notes.


Vodka is used with snacks, pickles, hot dishes, as part of cocktails.

Interesting Facts

"Khortytsya" Silver Coolness is a special, easy-drinking vodka with a "cool" taste and a refreshing vodka flavor. Vodka is produced using a unique technology. In the recipe, in addition to living natural water and the best spirit of the new generation "Wheat Tear", there are aromatic spirits of mint and menthol. They give the drink a feeling of freshness. Incredible transparency and silvery radiance of vodka are achieved through a sevenfold cleaning of used water.

"Khortytsya" - vodka, which contains a philosophy of absolute quality. High-quality raw materials, the most modern technologies, unique design of bottles - all this makes vodka "Khortytsya" appreciated all over the world. Since 2015, according to the estimates of the world's expert agencies, "Khortytsya" is in the "TOP-3" of global vodka brands. Production of vodka "Khortytsya", named after the island of the same name, is carried out at a distillery in the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine. Also, under the commodity franchise agreement, "Khortytsya" is manufactured in Russia and Belarus.

Producer's description

Global Spirits - the biggest in Eastern Europe international alcoholic holding. The company was founded in 2008 and combines the core assets in the alcohol industry of Ukraine, Russia and the United States. As part of the Global Spirits modern enterprise-producers of vodka, alcoholic liquors, cognacs, brandies, wines, champagne, vermouth and soft drinks.

Holding Global Spirits is the owner of some of the largest modern enterprises for the production of vodka, liqueurs, cognacs and brandies, wines, champagne and vermouth:
- Distillery "Russian North" (Vologda, Russia) - is the youngest production asset of the holding. The deal to buy the plant was concluded in spring 2011. After the modernization, the company began production of alcoholic beverages.
- Distillery "Khortytsya» (c. Khortytsya, Ukraine) - Ukraine's leading enterprise for the production of alcoholic beverages. In December 2003, the assembly line went down the first batch of products TM "Khortytsya". It is the only enterprise in Ukraine, built "from scratch" on a unique project.
- Odessa Cognac Factory (Odessa, Ukraine) - the oldest brandy enterprise sector. His story begins back in 1863, and its popularity is obliged legendary dynasty of entrepreneurs Shustov. Odessa Cognac Factory is now a full cycle of production of cognac on the classical French technology. It owns large areas of their own elite vineyards (about 1000 hectares) and the oldest park cognac barrels (15 thousand. Pcs.).
- LLC "Crimean Wine House" (Feodosia, Crimea) - a modern winery, which is located in the south-east of the Crimean peninsula. In the facilities of "Crimean Wine House" made ordinary, soaked, sparkling wine and vermouth. The company provides full production cycle, from growing the grapes to bottling of products in bottles.

Brand Portfolio Global Spirits combines such popular brands: "Khortytsya", "Morosha", "Pervak", "Mead", "Crimean», «Oreanda», «Odessa», «Black Sea», «Tetri» and others. At present, day production of the holding is sold in more than 85 countries. The largest representation of holding Global Spirits located in Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine) and New York (USA).


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In our store you can buy vodka "Khortytsa" Silver Cool, 1 L, price "Khortytsa" Silver Cool, 1 L — $ 7. Producer vodka Global Spirits. Delivery "Khortytsa" Silver Cool, 1 L.

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