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Whisky "Kentucky Tavern", 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes


Bourbon bright amber-copper color.


The taste of bourbon muffled, dryish, medium intensity, with hints of black pepper, sweet notes of butter and spicy accents. In the aftertaste remains nuance of vanilla cream and white of burnt ash.


The aroma of bourbon felt notes of caramel, raisins, cereal and wood shades.


Whiskey is recommended to use as a digestif in a pure form, as well as cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Company "Sazerak" is famous for its Bourbon, offering consumers a wide range of drinks in this category, distinguished by different exposure period, the recipe and flavor profiles. Bourbon "Kentucky Tavern" - a legendary brand, which is produced from the beginning of the 1900s. It was created by the pioneer of whiskey James Thompson, founded the famous distillery Glenmore in Owensboro, Kentucky. Exposure takes place in bourbon barrels made of white oak wood which is considered one of the best for long aging of spirits. Wood has a high strength and exceptional level vanilla notes.
Bourbon "Kentucky Tavern" won the silver medal at the "International Wine & Spirits Competition, 2014", the status of "Excellent / Strong Recommendation" on the "Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2012" the silver medal at the "Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition , 2012".

Sazerac Company History starts with a drink. Antoine Peysho Creole immigrant in 1838, working in a pharmacy on Royal Street in the French Quarter, gathered his friends in the pharmacy late at night and prevented them from brandy cocktails and absinthe. After some time, in the middle of the XIX century in the same place we have opened a cafe-bar. Drink mixed pharmacist smoothly migrated to the menu "Sazerac" institution and became also be called as a bar. In 1869 Thomas H. Handy bought coffee shop and started production of alcoholic beverages under the brand name "Sazerak". Since the 1890s the company began bottling and selling cocktail at the markets of the country, replacing the recipe to rye whiskey brandy. Today Sazerac - a family-owned company, which owns a number of famous distilleries such as Buffalo Trace Distillery, A. Smith Bowman, Glenmore Distillery, Barton, Fleischmann, Medley and Mr. Boston.

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In our store you can buy whisky "Kentucky Tavern", 0.75 L, price "Kentucky Tavern", 0.75 L — $ 16. Producer whisky Sazerac. Delivery "Kentucky Tavern", 0.75 L.

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