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Wine "Kaiken Terroir Series" Torrontes, 2014

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Tasting Notes


Wine attractive golden yellow color with pale greenish reflections.


The wine has a fresh taste with a smooth texture and balanced acidity. On the palate is dominated by Muscat tones. Aftertaste - a very long and pleasant.


Elegant aroma of the wine of medium intensity is filled with hints of flowers and tropical fruits, as well as hints of nutmeg.


Wine is the perfect aperitif, goes well with light salads and snacks, seafood, fish and white meat, desserts.

Interesting Facts

"Kaiken Terroir Series" Torrontes - elegant white wine that comes from the Cafayate Valley in the province of Salta. Torrontes wines from varieties are produced only in Argentina, they are considered the most distinctive among the white wines of this country. Since variety is a hybrid of Muscat of Alexandria, Torrontes wines have a unique floral aroma characteristic of the extended family of Muscat.

The grapes for "Kaikeyi Terroir Series" Torrontes wine comes from the northern province of Salta. Cool nights, prevailing in the region, allow the grapes to retain their acidity and refined aroma. Vines, whose age is about 80 years, grow to a height of about 1500 meters. The soils of the region - loam and sandy loam, with a rocky bottom. This leads to very low yields and, consequently, higher quality wines.
Ripe grapes harvested in 15-kg capacity manually. Before starting the process of winemaking manually select the best of the bunch. A third resultant is subjected to preliminary grape maceration at 8 ° C for 6 hours. The remaining two-thirds of the grapes are not subjected to maceration. Alcoholic fermentation lasts from 20 days to a month at a temperature of 10-13 ° C. Wine is not aged in oak barrels and steel tanks are used, making possible to reveal the true nature of the variety Torrontés. The finished wine is gently filtered before bottling. Beverage storage capacity is 5 years.

The "Kaiko" exists in Argentina for 10 years. It all started with the fact that in early 2000, son of the famous winemaker Aurelio Montes - Aurelio, Jr. - founded the company "Kaiken" in Argentina, wine which is currently in high demand in many countries. His name wine "Kaiko" obliged breed of wild geese fly from Argentina to Chile and back. To create the best wines were brought winemakers of Chile and Argentina, so the wines embody the winemaking tradition and modern technology of production of these two countries.
In the vineyards located in several regions of Mendoza - Cruz de Piedra, Maipú Agrela, Val del Uco, a thorough monitoring of planting new vines, handling, ripening harvest, therefore wines are of high quality standard. In the vineyards grow grapes varieties of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Bonarda and Vistalba. Wine "Kaiken" have their own style and character, they are expressive and elegant.

Montes winery, founded by the legendary winemaker Aurelio Montes and his partners in 1988 - an icon of the Chilean wine industry. From the first day of the company Montes its philosophy remains unchanged - the production of premium wines. Douglas Murray - one of the partners and founders of the company - said: "When we started the company Montes, our main goal was to show the world that Chile can produce high-quality wines prestigious premium, not only inexpensive wine for supermarkets. Today, after 20 years, we have read with great pride in the "Wine Spectator" that "now make wines of Chile compete with the best wines of the world." We are really proud to have made the first steps in this direction and have made a great contribution to the development of wine-making in Chile. " Montes logo reflects the basic idea of ​​the company: the image of an angel symbolizes faith in the present and the future of Chilean wine, and the inscription "From Chile with pride" (in English the "From Chile with pride") speaks for itself. Wine company are exported to more than 80 countries.

Montes winery and its founder, Aurelio Montes awarded numerous awards and prestigious titles. In 2007, the American magazine "Wine & Spirits" Montes called the company "Winery of the Year", and according to the magazine "Robb Report" she entered the hundred best manufacturers in the world. Aurelio Montes has repeatedly awarded the honorary title of "Winemaker of the Year", the Chilean president personally gave him an award for his help and advice wineries associations. Under his leadership, introduced innovative methods of work in the vineyards and new standards of quality in winemaking.


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