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Wine Joseph Drouhin, Chablis, 2014, 375 ml

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Tasting Notes


The wine is light straw yellow color with greenish reflections.


The wine has a fresh, pleasant taste with lively acidity, charming creamy texture and a long, clean finish with hints of minerals.


The wine has an enticing bouquet, woven from the aromas of ripe apple, lemon, rose petals and notes of wet stone.


The wine is excellent as an aperitif, goes well with seafood and grilled fish.

Interesting Facts

Chablis - fresh, mineral wine, which is made ​​from the famous Chardonnay, harvested from the vineyards of Chablis. After collecting and sorting the grapes gently pressed and fermented. Excerpt wine lasts 7-8 months in barrels. The wine can be drunk as young and within 5 years. This excellent wine has a mineral character with a clean taste.

Chablis - is the northernmost, surrounded by the hills of Burgundy region, where vines were planted hundreds of years ago. In the sixties of the XX century, when the Chablis vineyards were almost abandoned, Robert Drouhin recognized the potential of this region, which was devastated by the invasion of phylloxera in the nineteenth century. He was one of the first in Burgundy, who proceeded to revitalize and restore the region's vineyards. Soil area consisting of kimmeridzhskogo limestone contains millions of tiny marine fossils, perhaps there was once seabed hundreds of millions of years ago. This terroir of marine origin gives the wines of Chablis their unique flavor. Drouhin landed here Chardonnay grapes density of 6,250 vines per hectare. Its yield intentionally reduced in order to extract all possible nuances from the terroir.

Beginning with the 2008 harvest, all the wines of Chablis Drouhin family goes by the name Drouhin Vaudon (water-heatin Drouhin).

Joseph Drouhin winery was founded in 1880 in Bonn. To date, this is a family business with a long tradition and centuries of history that has passed many stages of development and formation. Maurice Drouhin was one of the people who fundamentally change the principles of the Burgundian winemaking. Together with other major NEGOTIANT he participated in the establishment of the National Committee of the name controlled by origin (predecessor INAO). And one of the first to introduce in their cellars methods remontazha, pizhazha, collage, which became the most common things for the current wine, but then considered an anachronism.

The main contribution to the company introduced nephew Maurice - Robert Drouhin, who in 1957 began to expand ownership by acquiring vineyards in the regions of France where really has potential. Robert continued innovative traditionalism of his uncle. He likes to say: "We have gone from a medieval company, bottled wines as they are received, to date, but to preserve the best practices of the past."

In the acquisition of vineyards always invest more, but the pride of the house wine is the vineyard Clos de Mouches around Beaune. Yields specifically understated by an average of 20% of the permitted by legislation to maintain a high quality of products. Also one of the key points that the company adheres to the end of the 60s, is exclusively biodynamic and biological principles the vineyards without the use of various pesticides and chemicals.

To date, Joseph Drouhin ownership includes more than 75 hectares of vineyards and is considered the largest in the region. Wines from this manufacturer is rightly recognized as a unique, intense, delicate, their taste is revealed slowly, passing all the bright colors and the aroma of berries. Joseph Drouhin wine can conquer any critic and journalist.


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