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Whisky "Johnny Drum" Black Label, 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes


Whiskey is characterized by the color of mahogany.


The taste of whiskey filled with thick smoke and hints of candied nuts, dried orange notes. The finish is medium length, with nuances of pepper, spice and mint.


Aromatic bouquet intense whiskey, has tones of pine, cedar, smoky nuances and acquire notes of malt, if you add a little water to drink.


Experts recommend to use this whiskey neat, paired with a good cigar, with ice or with a little water.

Interesting Facts

"Johnny Drum" Private Stock - is a strong whiskey, awarded Double Gold Medal at the competition "World Spirits Competition", which was held in San Francisco in 2010. Known critic Morgan Murphy said: "In this present notes of rye whiskey and peppers with sweet vanilla overtones and hints of cigar."

The history of whiskey "Johnny Drum" is very interesting. In 1861, the US Civil War began. Boys as young as 8 years old tried to register in order to go to defend their homeland, but the law does not allow it. In the ranks of the army could start only after 18 years, unless you desire to be a bugler or drummer. Like many others, Johnny tried to join the regiment in his home state, but he was denied due to young age. In the end, Johnny ran away from home and found the regiment, who took him into their ranks drummer. Legend has it that after the war, Johnny returned home and became a farmer. Like most farmers, he was concerned about the amount of waste products (eg corn), so the young man wondered how to convert their excess into something worthwhile. Through perseverance and hard work, Johnny has prepared an exceptional bourbon that brought him fame, reputation and money. "Johnny Drum" and to this day is one of the most prominent temples in the world.

History of Kentucky Bourbon Distillers began in 1935 when Thomson Uilett founded Willett Distilling Company. The company originated as a continuation of the family business, because the family Uilett engaged in the production of whiskey since 1870. Willett Distilling Company was located on the farm family Uilett and that it belongs to the honor of the release of this whiskey as Johnny Drum and Old Bardstown, as well as vintage bourbon and, in particular, whiskey Noah's Mill. Willett Distilling Company lasted until the beginning of the 80s, and in 1984 ownership was transferred in-law Thomson Uiletta - Evan J. Kalsvinu, who became the founder of the direct Kentucky Bourbon Distillers. To date, Mr. Kalsvin regained much of the old production and successfully continues the work of family Uilett.
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In our store you can buy whisky "Johnny Drum" Black Label, 0.75 L, price "Johnny Drum" Black Label, 0.75 L — $ 21. Producer whisky Kentucky Bourbon Distillers Ltd.. Delivery "Johnny Drum" Black Label, 0.75 L.

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