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Tasting Notes


Whiskey golden honey color.


The taste of whiskey warm, rich, classic, spicy, smoky and soft, with a refined finish.


Whisky has a warm, rich malt-floral aroma with notes of honey, vanilla and pepper.


Whisky is recommended to use in its pure form, with ice and as component cocktails.

Interesting Facts

"John Barr" Finest - high-quality blended Scotch whiskey. Contains only the finest single malt and grain whiskeys. Whisky has a warm, rich, classic taste and rich malt and floral aroma. It is recommended to use in its pure form, with ice and as a component of cocktails. Whiskey matured in new oak barrels, distilled and bottled in Scotland.

John Barr whiskey named after John Barr on Cumming - a pioneer in the production of whiskey, whose family is from the XIX century, engaged in the production of whiskey. For the first time a well-known brand has received in 1978, replacing the Johnnie Walker. Brand "John Barr" was purchased by Whyte & Mackay, which expanded it to the world market. Whiskey under the brand name "John Barr" - high-quality, comparable in taste and craftsmanship with leading brands, but at much lower prices.

White & Mackay company was founded in 1844 by Charles Mackay and James White. In honor of the victory of association and they came up with an interesting logo in the form of two lions. A few years later to the symbolism of the coat of arms of the changes and added lions became more furious. Symbolism was called "revolt lions." The founders became engaged in blending different known whiskey, and through hard work has been allocated an interesting view of whiskey "Whyte & Mackay" Special.

At the moment the company Whyte & Mackay available 4 malt distilleries and a large grain, located in one of the main areas for the production of whiskey in Scotland - Glasgow. Until recently, the company produced its own brand of whiskey and other strong drinks. Drinks are exporting all over the world. The history of the brand of whiskey Whyte & Mackay can be considered tragic. Its founders Coming from a family MacGregor, known in medieval times. During the reign of King David II the family lost its land holdings. MacGregors were left without land, without livelihoods and without the support of the law. To prove their case, they fought against the government, and thus only worsened the situation. According to the laws of that time, they had to give up on their behalf and take another name, little recognizable. White was chosen name. But the persecution of the family continued. Everything stopped when the power shift. The British Parliament authorized the clan MacGregor back his name.


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In our store you can buy whisky "John Barr" Finest, 0.5 L, price "John Barr" Finest, 0.5 L — $ 8. Producer whisky Whyte & Mackay. Delivery "John Barr" Finest, 0.5 L.

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