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Liqueur Jagermeister, in tube, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Deep dark color of this tincture is achieved by aging in oak barrels.


Taste herbal liquor, tart, but soft.


Rich herbal flavor beverage filled with notes of cinnamon, ginger Gvozdkov, saffron.


This drink is good to use as a digestif to improve digestion. On the basis of preparing a large number of cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Liquor "Jagermeister" produced more than 70 years. The name translates as "Master Hunter". The beverage comprises more than 50 components (fruit peel, roots and spices). "Jägermeister" is made by soaking its components in the liquid - maceration. Liquor kept 12 months in oak barrels, so it gets soft and rich taste. Initially, this drink consumed for therapeutic purposes to improve digestion.

In 1934 Kurt goal oils, son of the founder of the Saxon wine company, inspired by the legend of the Master of the Hunt, has created this drink. The label flaunts a deer with a cross on the horns, which saw Hubertus, the patron saint of hunters. A special bottle of liquor is designed to protect from sunlight and do not break when dropped. World famous liquor obtained after the beginning of the advertising campaign in 1973, to which were invited the most famous rock bands: Metallica, Slayer, Nightwish and many others to mention liqueur Jägermeister in their songs.


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In our store you can buy liqueur Jagermeister, in tube, 0.7 L, price Jagermeister, in tube, 0.7 L — $ 16. Producer liqueur Jagermeister. Delivery Jagermeister, in tube, 0.7 L.

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