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Liqueur "Graf Ledoff" Blackcurrant, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Tincture transparent ruby-red color.


In a warming spicy flavor liqueurs felt sour cranberries and citrus fruits. Because of its softness, easy to drink liquor and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.


Bright aroma infusions disclosed notes of spicy cranberry, honey and spices.


Tincture is suitable to accompany rich dishes of Russian and Belarusian cuisine: to products from minced meat, casseroles, hearty salads, baked with mushrooms and meat filling, hot appetizers, pickles.

Interesting Facts

Tincture bitter "Syabry" Spicy Cranberry is especially attractive due to a pronounced berry shades. In addition to alcohol "Luxe" in the recipe includes aromatic extracts of cranberry, lemon peel, nutmeg and natural honey. Especially worth noting strong national flavor in decoration and in the taste of the drink.
Tincture "Syabry" Spicy Cranberry awarded a silver medal at the exhibition "Prodexpo-2016" and the highest rating of the jury "Yalta Golden Gryphon -. 2013".

For the manufacture of liqueurs under the brand name "Syabry" uses only high quality raw materials. All components for a variety of additives prepared from ecologically clean areas of their processing is a technologically complicated process. Extracts and tinctures are alcohol-based high purity and their mixing requires experience and skill. Mixtures pass first through a carbon filter that absorbs the trace, and then through quartz sand extracted from the depths of the Ural mountains Crystal. Thereafter, all the components are placed in a mixture of blend tanks, where the magic penetration into each other and create a unique beverage.

Producer's description

Company "Tatspirtprom" - a combination of ancient traditions and modern technologies, quality standards and creative solutions. The history of the company founded in 1997 by the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, begins long before that momentous event. Going on the particles to, developing and gaining strength, the company of "Tatspirtprom" merged together in order to maintain common traditions and conquer new heights.

"Tatspirtprom" - a seven plants for the production of alcoholic beverages, each of which is like a jewel, gives connoisseurs its touch of luxury:
- 1883 - Mamadyshsky distillery;
- 1898 - Usadsky distillery;
- 1934 - Chistopolsky distillery;
- 1938 - Winery Kazan;
- 1975 - Kazan distillery;
- 1994 - Nizhnekamsk distillery;
- 2012 - Usadsky distillery.

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In our store you can buy liqueur "Graf Ledoff" Blackcurrant, 0.5 L, price "Graf Ledoff" Blackcurrant, 0.5 L — $ 4. Producer liqueur Tatspirtprom. Delivery "Graf Ledoff" Blackcurrant, 0.5 L.

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