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Tasting Notes


Color crafting moonshine light amber with a golden hue.


The smoky taste of moonshine felt notes of raisins and malt, which gradually transformed into a pleasant aftertaste with nuances of meadow grasses.


Aroma moonshine pleasant, with notes of heather and clover.


Crafting pure moonshine goes well with dishes of Caucasian, Russian and Ukrainian cuisine.

Interesting Facts

"Good Sam!" # 2 Barley - first crafting brew of Russian origin, which has no analogues in the world. Barley distillate strength of 40% represented a bottle of whiskey type, having a volume of 500 ml.

The drink is produced manually using unique ingredients - in addition to barley-based distillate, in the process of manufacturing the extract of raisins used, malt, heather and clover and cep infusion. All these components are in interaction with each other form a unique taste and aroma of the drink.

Not only are the organoleptic properties of vodka worthy of attention, but also its design. Label the bottle is in the form of comics, the image of which painted the famous Russian artists. This has allowed to emphasize the overall concept of beverage and its originality. "Good Sam!" # 2 Barley is available in a limited edition.

Producer's description

"Russian original drinks" - a group of companies, which is engaged in the creation of brands, the development of formulations, the organization of production and sale of traditional Russian beverages in Russia and abroad. The basis of the range are classic grain distillates, various blends and aged drinks produced on their basis. The company's employees are engaged in the study of traditions, customs and tastes during ethnographic expeditions to Russia, thereby re-created technology to prepare drinks that match the taste and quality of the original Russian drinks.

The company's goal - the formation of a full range of traditional Russian beverages, developing their reputation and status in the world. In addition, the company aims to change the attitude of RON Russian consumers to strong alcohol by raising the culture of its use.


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In our store you can buy vodka "Good Sam!" #2 Barley, 0.5 L, price "Good Sam!" #2 Barley, 0.5 L — $ 7. Producer vodka Russian Original Drinks (ROD). Delivery "Good Sam!" #2 Barley, 0.5 L.

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