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Whisky Glenury Royal 36 Years Old, 1970, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Whiskey pure gold.


The taste of whiskey reflects all superiority and luxury fragrance, here there are shades of ripe fruit, flowers, honey and spices for baking. Whiskey demonstrates excellent oily texture, excellent balance and balanced oak tones. The finish is long, disappearing very slowly, with a beautiful dance hints of spice and polished wood.


Whisky has a great aroma with notes of flowers (roses), later manifested shades of pear, fresh ginger, with a slight hint of clove notes of fresh red apple, then baked apple pie crust and pleasant sweet notes.


Whiskey perfectly combines with desserts, fruit, coffee, used as an independent beverage.

Interesting Facts

Glenury Royal 36 Years Old in 1970 - an extraordinary whiskey cask strength (59, 7%), released in limited quantities, only 1,926 bottles.


Plant Glenury Royal was built in 1825 near the fishing town of Stonehaven, in the eastern part of the Highlands. Founder of the plant - Captain Robert Barclay was a landowner in Urey. Trying to improve the situation of local agricultural industry, he built Glenury Royal for sustainable market for local production of barley. Robert Barclay was also a member of Parliament, and he was able to get permission from the King William IV add "Royal" status in the name of the plant. Captain Robert Barclay, a man of varied interests, was also an athlete and marathon runner. In 1809, he was the first man to break the 1,000 miles for 1,000 hours. For this achievement he was later incorporated into the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame. A few weeks after the opening, on Glenuri Royal has been a great fire that destroyed the furnace of the floors, attic and large stocks of barley. The plant was restored, and he worked more smoothly than a hundred years. After the death of Robert Barclay in 1854, Glenury Royal several times changed owners. The last owners - DCL (Distillers Company Limited) - even completely reconstruct and repair plant, increased the number of cubes distillation, whereby they became four. Glenuri Royal continued production of malt whiskey still for almost two decades, but in the end it was suspended on May 31, 1985. In 1992, the owners decided to cease production of malt whiskey. In 1993, the factory buildings were sold and in their place build a residential complex.
Now on sale there are several independent releases and official pours whiskey "Glenury Royal", which, of course, are quite rare. Among them - the rare "Glenury Royal 36 Years Old".

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