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Tasting Notes


Whiskey dark amber color.


Whisky has a well-balanced, slightly sweet, buttery taste with hints of malt and sherry. Aftertaste - medium length, with notes of vanilla and spices.


The aroma of whiskey filled with tones of fruit, honey and spices.


Whiskey ideal as a digestif, a good cigar in the various cocktails, as well as savory snacks.

Interesting Facts

"Glen Scanlan", 3 Years Old - blended whiskey, which was used for the manufacture of malt and grain whiskey of the highest quality. Specially selected alcohols have been double distillation and matured in oak barrels for 3 years in order to gain a balanced taste and bright flavor. Whiskey production in Scotland is held under the strictest quality control on the part of the British government.

Brand "Glen Scanlan" called the new star in the world of whiskey. Despite the fact that whiskey "Glen Scanlan" made more than one decade, a few years ago, few people had heard this Scottish name. World fame came to the brand when it was owned by a group Slaur International. Today, "Glen Scanlan" sold in more than 70 countries, is one of the best-selling brands, its sales grow by 25% per year. "Glen Scanlan" represents the full range of single malt and blended whiskeys of different exposure period - from three to eighteen years.

Producer's description

The well-known French company Slaur International (Slaur Sardet) was founded in 1972. The main office is located in Le Havre, a few kilometers from one of the largest in France seaport. Slaur Sardet choose the largest retail chains and leading European supermarkets, as a supplier of own production of alcohol. The main competitive advantages of the company - a high level of service, availability, efficiency and flexibility. The range of companies represented spirits, fruit syrups and energy drinks. Products are balanced ratio of price and quality and is represented in 110 countries. Annual production capacity of 80 million bottles.


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In our store you can buy whisky "Glen Scanlan", 3 Years Old, 1 L, price "Glen Scanlan", 3 Years Old, 1 L — $ 5. Producer whisky Slaur International. Delivery "Glen Scanlan", 3 Years Old, 1 L.

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