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Tasting Notes


Brilliant straw-colored wine.


Thin and light wine with rich fruit flavors, composed of notes of pear, melon and apple, with hints of honey and citrus tones.


Delicate aroma of wine is filled with typical notes of Muscat grapes with honey shades and nuances of ripe fruit and almonds.


Perfect as an aperitif at any time of the day, will also be a refreshing addition to fruit salads, fruit, pastries and cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Light sweet white wine 3 Dolce is a very popular drink of the Italian youth. Beautiful drink with sparkling light and low alcohol content is something in between wine and grape juice. It is obtained by partially filtering the fermented grape juice. Once the yeast is filtered out, and stop the fermentation of wine. Vino Dolce 3 with a delicate aroma of Muscat grapes and fruit notes on the palate is often used in cocktails.

The winery, which today produces famous wines Gallardo, was established in 1973. The beginning of the story was laid in 1847, when the family began to engage Colla vineyards in the area of ​​Langhe in Piedmont. And now the fourth generation of the family - Paolo Colla in the 1960s began to pour their own wine in the village of La Morra. In 1973, his daughter marries Marivanna passionate young man, Gianni Gagliardo, has a marked entrepreneurial talent. After 4 years the family has been actively engaged in the export of wine, and a decade later, wine lovers in Japan, the US and Britain could enjoy the products of the company. In 1986, Gianni becomes the owner of the estate, giving the company its name and is committed to improving the quality of wines, gradually upgrading to this viticulture and vinification processes. Gianni acquires land with the best vineyards in the villages of La Morra, Barolo, Serralunga and Monforte d'Alba, located in the heart of Barolo appellasona and Monticello d'Alba in the Roero area. His goal was to get the best possible expression of Nebbiolo grape variety, allowing special characteristics of each area give uniqueness created wines. Today farming company with vineyards varieties Nebbiolo takes 11 points between the Langhe and Roero, located on the banks of the river Tanaro. The special character of the terroir is the dominant factor superiority wines Gallardo. At the present time the sixth generation of the family, the sons Gianni - Stefano, Alberto and Paolo run the company. Experienced oenologist Stefano is responsible for the style of wine, which is characterized by elegance, balance and harmony. Alberto engaged vineyards, while continuing to look for the optimal balance conditions for the growth of vines and a perfect ripening of the grapes. Paolo, a doctorate in agriculture, took up the sales growth, promotion and development of Gianni Gagliardo wines in the world market. On each bottle of wine Gallardo emblem of the company - the mask, which embodies the company's philosophy: dividing a good bottle of wine with friends gradually decline masks showing our true colors.


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In our store you can buy wine Gianni Gagliardo, Dolce 3, price Gianni Gagliardo, Dolce 3 — $ 2. Producer wine Gianni Gagliardo. Delivery Gianni Gagliardo, Dolce 3.

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