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Tasting Notes


Wine of pale straw color with golden reflections.


The wine has a fruity flavor with hints of vanilla and figs and mineral tones in the long aftertaste.


This classic Chardonnay luxury fragrance in which tones of pineapple and pear infused with subtle hints of roasted hazelnut and honey.


Wine is served as an aperitif, it is recommended to seafood and fish dishes, goes well with soft cheeses and Asian cuisine.

Interesting Facts

Chardonnay from George Dyubefa - soft, pleasant, refreshing and wonderfully lively white wine to be classified as table wines. The wine has a warm, friendly character, rich luxurious aroma and long mineral finish. Recommended to be served chilled to 8-10 ° C as an aperitif or as an accompaniment variety (including acute) dishes.

Name Georges Dyubefa widely known and recognizable brand name worldwide. As they call it - from Monsieur to the King of Beaujolais, Beaujolais or even the pope. Winemaking in the blood of George, as his ancestors had worked in this field for over 400 years! From his biography it is known that he was born on April 14, 1933 on a farm in a small French Chaintre. His family farmed a few acres of vineyards in the subregion Macon. Much of the wine George learned from his father and uncle. In 1957, he organized a group of 45 wine-producers, and in 1964 - the company Les Vins Georges Duboeuf, thus expanding their business, started bottling wines from other manufacturers.

Today the company Dyubefa cooperates with more than 20 400 wine cooperatives and producers in the region. Many work with Georges anniversary. Existing contracts allow the winery Dyubefa without its own vineyards, annually produce about 30 million bottles of wine. That is, each 6 bottle of Beaujolais comes on the market it is Les Vins Georges Duboeuf!
Business Georges Dyubefa - family. His wife - Roland - since 1957 is responsible for the national market. Two sons - Fabien and Frank - are co-owners of "Les Vins Georges Duboeuf". Both father and sons are the personification of passionate, hard-working winemakers favorite Beaujolais region. They managed to solve a very important problem - when huge volumes of production to achieve consistently high quality wines, combining features of the terroir with technical innovation.

It should be noted another important component of the success of wines from Georges Dyubefa - they provide excellent value for money. Brand "Les Vins Georges Duboeuf" is the leader in the United States, among other brands in France. Bright design labels - catchy and attractive, and the wine themselves, thanks to the advanced production technology, have become more juicy and fruity.
One of the first customers Dyubefa were very famous chef - Paul Bocuse and Pierre Truasgros, they appreciated the excellent quality wines Dyubefa. Now wine brand "Les Vins Georges Duboeuf" sold for export to almost 200 countries, served in prestigious restaurants, resorts and hotels, as well as in many specialty stores.
Range of wines from Georges Dyubefa very broad: the company produces several wines from each of the 13 Beaujolais appellations, as well as from the Rhone Valley, Languedoc and Macon.
When Georges Dyubefa asked about the secret of his success, he replied: "Can I have the ability to sell, perhaps - the ability to communicate, but can - passion for the product." This passion Dyubef transmits its wines, familiarity with which - always a holiday!


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