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"Gentleman Jack" Rare Tennessee Whisky, 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes


Whiskey noble, intense amber color.


Mild taste whiskey reveals hints of licorice and spices.


Whisky has a mild, pleasant flavor with hints of toasted oak, nuts and sweet spices.


It is recommended to use in its pure form, with water or ice as an aperitif or digestif.

Interesting Facts

For the production of noble whiskey "Gentleman Jack" luxury used only the choicest ingredients - barley malt, corn, rye and spring water crystal clear, without unwanted impurity elements. After completion of the fermentation and distillation process on a drop of whiskey is passed through a filter length of three meters, filled with maple charcoal. The drink is placed in new charred barrels of white American oak. Excerpt lasts several years, during which the whiskey acquires its amazingly smooth taste and rich amber color. Filtration is carried out twice by charcoal - before bottling in barrels and after aging before bottling. Double filtration provides whiskey sweet mild flavor that distinguishes it, for example, from the "Black Label".

According to legend, this recipe for Jack Daniel created whiskey to his mistresses - hence the name of whiskey. Sales of whiskey "Gentleman Jack" began in 1988. Probably the most popular whiskey in the world - this is whiskey from Jack Daniels. Ancient technology and changing individual style - the distinctive features of the manufacturer.
Jack Daniels - a true American whiskey. Place of origin even in 1866, became the city of Lynchburg Tennessee. Owner of the brand has become a native of a poor family, Jack Daniel, who gave his name to the drink. It should be noted that that first distillery operates today, you can visit for a fascinating tour and buy a bottle of this whiskey with an excellent reputation. It is unique in the world of whiskey, for which allocated a separate subspecies - "in Tennessee."

However, Jack Daniel is not the creator of the drink. The legendary whiskey priest created the Lutheran Church Dan Coll. He had his own distillery, where at the age of seven years and came a little Jack, to get at least some work. He liked Dan - above all, his diligence and practical acumen. And Dan himself was a pleasure to learn the wisdom of whiskey production. For five years the boy grew up in a very professionally and become a real expert winemaker. It is not surprising that in his 13 years, he became the full owner of the Jack Daniel's Distillery.


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