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Wine Gavi DOCG "Le Marne", 2014

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Tasting Notes


Wine of pale yellow color with greenish reflections excellent.


The taste of wine is harmonious, fresh, fruity notes and a spicy finish.


The wine has an intense, but at the same time delicate aroma with hints of lime blossom and freshly baked bread.


Wine is an excellent aperitif. Goes well with hot and cold snacks, fried or grilled white meat, fish, seafood.

Interesting Facts

Try delicious wine Gavi "Le Marne", captivates with its fresh fruit and mineral bouquet, which give the choicest wine grapes Cortese. Cortese - very naughty variety and even in the solar year, retains a high acidity, and in addition requires a great deal of attention in the process of making wine. Grapes are grown on clay-calcareous soils, which are called "marne". To wine "Le Marne" acquired a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, as well as a complex taste and delicious flavor, used for its production a special technique in which the fermentation of wine is preceded by cold maceration. The very same three-month fermentation and aging of wine is carried out in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks at a temperature no higher than 18 ° C, after which the wine is bottled and matures for another 2 months. The wine can be drunk already young, too, thanks to the perfect balance of wine "Le Marne" may develop up to 2016, acquiring a softer, rounded structure.

The family Kyarlo wine - a family business, today represented by Michele Kyarlo continues its fifth generation. Michele studied not only in the older generations, he graduated enologist. In 1956, Michele Chiaro founded the Wine House and the family began to expand the territory. Its vineyards now occupy 110 hectares - of the land owned, part of the long-term lease. Michele not only preserves the traditions of winemaking, but also develops and brings its own methods he has developed a unique system of sterile bottling, changed the method of storing wine. In the vineyards Kyarlo practiced very careful attitude to the vines, hand picking the grapes, use only organic fertilizers. All this gives an excellent result - the world-famous wines and consistently high ratings specialists.
The main principle of the House Michele Kyarlo - to produce a relatively small amount of wine, using for its manufacture only the best grapes, and strictly control the entire process of wine-making, using only the most modern and unique technology. Despite the high cost of this method of production of wine, Michele Kyarlo achieved the desired: his fault because of its superior quality rose today on a par with the famous Italian and international wine brands.


  • Color depth: bright
  • Body/Saturation: full-bodied
  • Serving temperature: 10-11°C
  • Website:
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In our store you can buy wine Gavi DOCG "Le Marne", 2014, price Gavi DOCG "Le Marne", 2014 — $ 20. Producer wine Michele Chiarlo. Delivery Gavi DOCG "Le Marne", 2014.

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