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Water Gasteiner, "Elements" Bergluft, Glass, 0.33 L

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Tasting Notes


Water is crystal clear.


Taste of mineral water filled with air floral-herbal notes and minty freshness.


Light, fresh fragrance fragrant hints of water grass and pleasant minty nuances.


The water is perfect for quenching thirst. Can be drunk chilled as an independent beverage.

Interesting Facts

Series "Elements" is an innovative drinks that characterize the four elements and the four elements of life: earth, fire, water and air. Each of them has a personality and distinctive features "of his element."

"Elements" Bergluft - nice, light as mountain air ("bergluft") mineral water enriched extract of elderberry flowers and refreshing notes of tea from dandelion and peppermint collected in the foothills of the Alps. This low-calorie water with no artificial colors has a unique combination of flavor and taste.

For several decades, the plant Gasteiner plays an important role in the Austrian mineral water industry. Today it is one of the most modern mineral water bottling companies in Austria, it is also one of the 3 most powerful brands in the segment of mineral water and has quite a strong position on the food market.

Gasteiner company was actually founded in 1929 in the eponymous Austrian valley. However, for many centuries the locals enjoyed the healing water from sources located here. From the XIII century around them began to appear a health center in which attracts the world's elite, including even the royals. At the beginning of the XX century was formed company Gasteiner Mineralwasser, which began selling bottled mineral water. Since then, production volumes increased by several times, changed the design of the bottles has increased the range of products. But what has not changed is the quality and healing properties of ecological crystal clear mineral water. It is born in the depths of the Alps in the National Nature Reserve "Home Tauern", passing on his way natural purification and enrichment of minerals. This unique water has a balanced composition of mineral substances to the human body, pleasant taste and excellent thirst quencher.

Since 2004, the company was launched Gasteiner production line Lightly water "Elements" with different flavors based on the dining room drinking mineral water "Gasteiner Kristallklar". The level of carbon dioxide in the beverage is only 3.5 g / l, which provides it with utmost ease.



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