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Wine Fürst von Metternich, "Schloss Johannisberger" Riesling Gelblack Trocken, 2012, 1.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Wine brilliant straw-yellow color.


Clean, fresh and juicy taste of the wine reveals a bitter-spicy hints of lemon, lime and green apple varieties Granny Smith. At steady aftertaste caught echoes of bright acidity and citrus.


Wine has a clear, intense aroma with notes of white peach, ripe citrus fruits, garden herbs and minerals.


The wine goes well with fish dishes, especially well it complements the taste of trout or mullet (red mullet) with pesto. This wine is also served by a variety of pastas, chicken, turkey, pheasants and quail.

Interesting Facts

Riesling grapes used to produce wonderful dry wine "Schloss Johannisberger" Riesling Gelblack Trocken grown in the Rheinhessen region - the oldest and largest wine region of Germany. Located at a low altitude and protected by mountains from cold winds, the region is characterized by dry and warm climate, which is beneficial to the maturation of the grapes. The vineyard area of ​​35 hectares has the form of an amphitheater and terraces down to the Rhine. The vines are planted with southern exposure on a steep slope, its fertile loamy soil, covered with a layer of loess, contain iron dioxide, which gives ground reddish hue.
In 2012, the harvest began on 27 September and lasted for 5 weeks. Carefully selected berries was pressed. Alcoholic fermentation of wort was carried out in a temperature stainless steel tanks (90%) and in oak barrels (10%) volume 1200 liters. Maturation on lees took 4 months.

Producer's description

The appearance of the vineyards in the Rheingau Schloss Johannisberger associated with a particular emperor Charlemagne. There is a legend that he ordered in the year 768 vines planted on the banks of the Rhine, when he saw from the window of his castle in Ingelheim, that at this point the snow melts much earlier than in other areas. It is known that at the turn of 11-12 centuries, Benedictine monks from Mainz in the area was built monastery, which has been producing wine. In 1130 the monastery and became an independent abbey, was in honor of St. John the Baptist name Johannisberger (John Hill). The same name came to be called the mountain and the nearest village.

In 1716, Konstantin von Buttlar - abbot from Fulda Fulda and Baron bought the land and began construction of the palace with baroque. 4 years later the decision was made to grow on the adjacent vineyard Riesling grapes exclusively. Therefore, today Schloss Johannisberger - the world's oldest estate, which specializes in the cultivation of grapes. It should be noted that it is in the Schloss Johannisberg in the second half of the 18th century, first appeared late harvest wine from the collection Spatlese (Shpetleze) and Auslese (Auslese).

Since 1806 the castle was briefly owned by the Emperor Napoleon, and then marshal Francois-Christophe Kellermann, Duke de Valmy, but after France's defeat in the war, the estate from 1813 to 1815 was under the control of Russia, Prussia and Austria. However, already in 1816 the new owner of Schloss Johannisberger become Prince Clemens von Metternich - an outstanding statesman of Austria, received the castle as a gift from the emperor Francis I for their outstanding achievements in the work of the Congress of Vienna. At the same time the prince had to deliver annually to the imperial court 10 of the crop. Clemens von Metternich was an expert in fine drinks and just felt the potential gain in popularity of sparkling wine, so since 1834 the manor started work on its production. The first international recognition of sparkling Riesling from Schloss Johannisberger received in 1858, winning a gold medal at an exhibition in Paris. A year later the economy presented Riesling lovers a brand new wine ice wine (Eiswein).

Heavy mark on the history of the old castle and its vineyards left the Second World War. Buildings destroyed during the bombing in 1942, restored until 1965. Works on the reconstruction of the great-grandson of the famous engaged Metternich Paul Alfons von Metternich. Partly thanks to him, in the 60-70s of last century white wines Rheingau deservedly ranked among the best in the world. Since 1992, the sole owner of the estate, persisted until his death in 2006 the family tradition, was the widow of Prince Paul - Tatiana von Metternich, a native of St. Petersburg, nee Princess Vasilchikova. About a year before his death, she sold the legendary vineyard Oetker German family that owns the brand Dr. Oetker. Since 2005, the estate he owns vineyards are managed by Christian Witte - a graduate of the famous university Geysenhayma, a specialist in the field of enology and viticulture.

Today, the vineyard area Schloss Johannisberger is 35 hectares, they grow about 150,000 fruit-bearing vines, berries which are produced annually up to 260 thousand bottles of fine wine. Respecting a long tradition in the economy and at all stages of production using modern methods of quality improvement. These include: limiting yields, manual harvesting and sorting, use for the production of wine only the best games of the wort, slow fermentation at a controlled temperature and aging in barrels of oak local breed.

Excellent quality wines confirm high marks not only German but also international critics, as well as numerous awards and won many prestigious competitions. So from a reputable guide Gault Millau Wine Schloss Johannisberg in 2007 received the honorary title of "Collection of the Year 2009" with the comment "now returns to former splendor."

Legendary wineries Schloss Johannisberg Schloss, built back in 1721 stored the most comprehensive collection of Riesling in the world, which has about 11,000 bottles. It includes wines from the best vintages, from 1842. Hitherto remained a bottle of wine made from the harvest of 1748 (the year of the birth of Goethe).
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