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Whisky "Evan Williams" Extra Aged (Black), gift box with two glasses, 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes


Whiskey amber color of medium intensity.


The taste of whiskey combines caramel-vanilla and oak notes, lighter shades of mint and apple. The finish is rich, long.


The aroma of the whiskey is light, with hints of vanilla, oak and hints of marmalade.


Whiskey can be used in pure form, with ice or water or a dilute soda may also be added in cocktails.

Interesting Facts

"Evan Williams" Extra Aged - bourbon eight-year exposure. This world-famous whiskey made in a picturesque location in the hills. In manufacture the crystal clear water from the nearby lake, alcohol distillation takes place on the modern equipment, although the company has maintained Haven Hill and ancient crafts. All the details of whiskey production "Evan Williams" kept a closely guarded secret, known only to the composition of components: wheat, corn and fresh grain malted barley. Bourbon is aged in barrels, which were made by hand.
"Evan Williams" - the second largest brand of bourbon in the US and in the world. Evan Williams, was a Welsh immigrant who established his distillery on the banks of the Ohio River in 1783. He is considered the first producer of bourbon in Kentucky.

History of Heaven Hill Distilleries began after the repeal of Prohibition in 1934, the year. Shapiro brothers founded the first distillery and decided to call it William Heavenhill - in honor of the military, who became famous during the war with the Indians, but when registering a mistake and booked the plant as "Heaven Hill" (Rye Hill). Decided not to correct the error. November 7, 1996 in the town of Bardstown there was a fire, the building of the distillery burned to the ground. Along with him were killed and 29 million liters of whiskey, which is 2% of the total reserves of the United States. Eyewitnesses tell of the events as aged bourbon was spreading around in the form of burning rivers. New home for "Haven Hill" was the distillery Bernheim, purchased from Diageo. At the time of the transfer of production to a new location, the company bought up whiskey from other manufacturers, selling it under their own brands, and sometimes even at the time of renting a distillery to produce bourbon in its formulation. To date, Heaven Hill Distilleries produces three different alcohol: bourbon with wheat as an additional grain ("Old Fitzgerald"), bourbon and rye ("Evan William") and rye whiskey ("Rittenhouse Rye").

Producer's description

Company Heaven Hill, which means "hill of Eden", was founded in 1935 Shapira family after the repeal of Prohibition in America. For many years, generation family business has steadily built through the development of the domestic brand, line extension range, advertising and strategic acquisitions. Thanks to the perfect start-up capital, managerial skills and family invited as an expert known Earl Beam, Heaven Hill is one of the largest holdings of America. At the present time, the company ranked # 2 for the production of whiskey in his country and produces about 200 different brands.
The company's success is based on a large number of brands for the possibility of competition. But this does not prevent them from taking care of his every brand and respond to the needs of each client. Thanks to innovative technologies, such as additional aging, high quality, packaging and craftsmanship, Haven Hill may well compete with other big companies.


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In our store you can buy whisky "Evan Williams" Extra Aged (Black), gift box with two glasses, 0.75 L, price "Evan Williams" Extra Aged (Black), gift box with two glasses, 0.75 L — $ 16. Producer whisky Heaven Hill Distilleries. Delivery "Evan Williams" Extra Aged (Black), gift box with two glasses, 0.75 L.

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