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Liqueur Drambuie, gift set with flask, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Liquor amber-gold color.


Liquor has a mild, moderately sweet taste with hints of honey and herbs. The finish is dry, with rich tones of herbs and cinnamon.


Liquor has an elegant, complex bouquet with hints of honey, nutmeg, cloves and mountain herbs.


Liquor good pure ice or lime as well as in combination with tea, coffee, or soda. Drambuie is an excellent ingredient for making cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Drambuie - a natural Scottish liqueur, which is made ​​from the best highland Scotch whiskey 15-17-year of exposure, as well as honey and aromatic herbs. Takes its name from the drink drevnekeltskogo phrase «an dram buidheach», which means "drink that is fun." The history of this liqueur dates back to the XV century, when the distillers Highlands insisted on whiskey various aromatic herbs and added honey from heather and clover, and later added the drink ingredients such as cinnamon, coriander, hazelnut, ginger, saffron and others.

Drambuie liqueur recipe was developed in the XVIII century by order of Prince Charlie, a representative of the exiled royal Stuarts. In 1745, Prince Charlie, trying to regain the British throne Stuarts, mutinied Jacobites, but quickly failed, for his head was declared a reward. Prince managed to take refuge in the house of Captain John MacKinnon, where he spent a few months and then safely sailed to France. In gratitude for saving the prince gave McKinnon family recipe liquor. Members of the family for a long time treasured drink recipe and prepared it for yourself. Drambuie first saw the light only at the beginning of the XX century, when Malcolm McKinnon engaged in trade of alcoholic drinks and began selling liquor family, who quickly came to taste buyers. These days, like many years ago, liquor produced MacKinnon family from an ancient recipe, which is kept secret. Drambuie is known throughout the world and is considered one of the best whiskey-based liqueur.
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In our store you can buy liqueur Drambuie, gift set with flask, 0.7 L, price Drambuie, gift set with flask, 0.7 L — $ 16. Producer liqueur The Drambuie Liqueur Company. Delivery Drambuie, gift set with flask, 0.7 L.

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