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Tasting Notes


Wine typical straw-honey color with a greenish tint.


The wine shows rich, creamy flavor with hints of ripe peaches, mangoes and citrus, excellent balance, amazing minerality and a long finish.


Sophisticated, elegant aroma of the wine captivates splendor shades of white flowers and exotic fruits.


The wine goes well with foie gras, puddings and desserts.

Interesting Facts

"Erdener Treppchen" Riesling Spatlese - this wine is of the highest quality with a pronounced minerality, intense flavor and the possibility of further development. Wine is very bright, rich, dazzling floral aromas and notes of exotic fruits. It was created by "Dr. Loosen" - the most famous producer of wines from Riesling. Owns the family business and the beautiful vineyards that belong to the family for over 200 years, Ernst Luzen. It was he who opened the world's outstanding, superior quality wines from the Riesling, strengthen the reputation of this sort in the world.

Lovely bunch of Riesling grown in vineyards "Erdener Treppchen" in a unique area Mosel-Saar-Ruwer. These vineyards are the longest in Europe, stretching down the river for six kilometers. Advantageous location of the rocky areas created on the principle of "steps" to protect the vines from excessive heat and provides good drainage. Stony soils have a characteristic reddish color as saturated with iron and red shale. This helps to ensure that the wines acquire live minerality along with delicate and fresh acidity, and are particularly aristocratic and indescribable charm, which is reflected in a rich, well-balanced and creamy taste "Erdener Trephen" Riesling Shpetleze.

Another feature is an integral part of growing vines. It consists in the fact that the winery "Dr. Loosen" completely switched to organic methods of growing grapes, precluding the use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemical fertilizers, causing irreparable damage to the ecology of the area and, of course, worsen the natural characteristics of the wines. The use of organic matter and compost to enrich the soil allow all the necessary nutrients without disturbing its natural balance, and give the vines are the special qualities that are so prized wines Ernst Luzena. Of key importance is also the timing of the harvest. Daily winegrowers follow the development of berries based on their maturation depending on the weather conditions, and then make a decision about each vineyard separately. Berries are slowly fermented using natural yeasts, and in the final cleaning process is not carried out, the wine has found its exceptional expressive character and personality.

Harmony with nature, perennial pilgrimage to respectable wineries peace and invincible determination helped Ernst Luzenu develop your own style of world-class wines. This style embodies the true expression of fertile land, climate and excellent performance vines themselves.
As noted wine critic Jancis Robinson: "Ernst Luzen individually introduced upscale German wines in the world arena of the 21st century." After all, it is thanks to this great man, the world learned about the highest quality wines of Germany, and his uncompromising commitment to leadership, professionalism and restless desire for perfection hundredfold enriched and glorified modern wine Riesling. The title of "Doctor" has many winemakers in Germany, but only "Dr. Loosen" deserve the highest praise and recognition of outstanding international experts and critics in the field of wine!


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In our store you can buy wine Dr. Loosen, Riesling "Erdener Treppchen" Spatlese, 2011, price Dr. Loosen, Riesling "Erdener Treppchen" Spatlese, 2011 — $ 25. Producer wine Dr. Loosen. Delivery Dr. Loosen, Riesling "Erdener Treppchen" Spatlese, 2011.

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