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Tasting Notes


Rum transparent color.


Rum demonstrates clean, harmonious flavor with fruit and herbal notes and a sweet, heady finish.


Rum has a soft, elegant aroma with light fruity notes, nuances of nutmeg and cinnamon.


Rum - an excellent digestive as well as ingredients for cocktails.

Interesting Facts

In 1965, Juan Serralles made the first few barrels of rum. For a long time he thought of the name and decided to call the rum in honor of the legendary Spanish fictional character - Don Quixote. Rum "Don Q", as well as classic literature, has become, in the opinion of Serralles family, a true piece of art. Rum became very popular in Puerto Rico, and now they can enjoy in many countries around the world.

"Don Q" Cristal - Puerto Rican premium white rum, aged in barrels of white American oak for 1.5-5 years. Rum demonstrates elegant, fruity-herbal flavor and aroma, it is an excellent digestif, and is also used for the preparation of cocktails.

Awards Roma "Don Q" Crystal:
- Silver Medal on the contest "Rum Fest, 2012";
- Platinum Medal "Best in Category" in the contest "Sip Awards, 2012";
- Platinum Medal "Best in Show" at the contest "World Beverage Competition, 2012";
- Platinum Medal "Best in Show" at the contest "World Beverage Competition, 2011";
- Gold medal at the competition "Sip Awards, 2011";

Producer's description

Destileria Serralles is one of the largest producers of rum in the world. Started in 1865, today the company's production facilities are characterized by multiple distillation system and active carbon-filter, which creates a clean rum. Blending the best of Roma reserves guarantee its high quality and exceptional taste.

recycling program to maximize production capacity by reducing costs in the form of biogas, electricity, service water and industrial products which, after all, can be sold to other businesses.

In 2000, the company acquired The Ponce Hilton & Casino, in order to consolidate its position in the world of real estate and started to develop the Puerto Rican tourism industry. In 2004, Destileria Serralles receives the prize "Manufacturer of the Year", which is awarded to "the House of Puerto Rico wholesalers". To date, products "Serralles" is well known in many countries around the world.


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In our store you can buy rum "Don Q" Cristal, 0.7 L, price "Don Q" Cristal, 0.7 L — $ 30. Producer rum Serralles. Delivery "Don Q" Cristal, 0.7 L.

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