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Wine Domaine de Beudon, "Fendant", 2010

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Tasting Notes


The wine is pale yellow.


The wine has a buttery taste with hints of citrus. Has good flexibility and balance. Finale drink very mature and long lasting.


Aroma intense and complex wine, warm, pleasant, with notes of silicon summer meadow flowers and notes.


Wine can be used as an aperitif, it goes well with appetizers, cheeses and fish dishes.

Interesting Facts

The unique growing conditions Chasselas grapes provide an unusual taste of wine "Fendant". Despite the use of a single grape variety, the drink has a bright character and unique taste that persists for several years after bottling the wine is bottled. Wine "Fendant" is made in accordance with the strictest requirements of environmental safety.

Domaine de Beudon
- young winery, which was formed only in 1971. The owner of the vineyard - Jacques Grange - acquired this territory in order to create high-quality wine from organic grapes. He tried to preserve the pristine nature of Switzerland and the diversity of the local flora and fauna.
The territory of the vineyard Domaine de Bedonia is divided into three levels of height. In this case, the best grapes vines grow on the upper level, at an altitude of 740 to 890 meters above sea level. To get to the vineyard is possible only on a narrow pedestrian paths or cable car. Due to the unique circumstances in which ripening grapes, the wine Domaine de Beudon acquire a special flavor and character.

Wines of Domain de Bedonia made ​​in accordance with the principles of biodynamic winemaking, in harmony with nature. Even the water for the needs of the production is obtained from a small mountain river, and provides a compact hydroelectric production of green electricity.


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