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Whisky "Dimple" 15 Years Old, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Whisky an attractive amber.


The taste of whiskey initially very powerful, even a little rough, then drink becomes very warm, with sweet caramel notes. The finish is short, with hints of burnt oak and caramel.


Aromatic bouquet whiskey abounds tones of citrus fruits, which are complemented by nuances of toffee and spice. When water is added flavor becomes deeper and more interesting.


Experts recommend to use this whiskey neat after meals, as a digestif, you can also add a small amount of water or ice.

Interesting Facts

"Dimple" 15 Years Old - Blended Scotch whiskey with an attractive amber color, complex aroma and strong flavor. Whiskey got its name due to the unique shape of the bottles in which it is poured. "Dimple" translates to English as "depression." The drink was born in old oak barrels of bourbon for over 15 years.

The company Diageo produces some of the most traditional and popular rum brands in the world, including the famous brand - "Captain Morgan". In this case, Diageo is a relatively young company - its existence, it is only since 1997 - but the brands and businesses have a rich heritage. For example, the predecessor of the company is considered "Justerini & Brooks", created in 1749 - it was the wine merchants, the inventors of the famous whiskey "J & B". 10 years after this, in 1759 Arthur Guinness signed a lease on the world famous brewery now St. James in Dublin, taking a course to create a globally iconic brand. During the XIX and XX centuries range of brands continues to improve and expand through the acquisition of various subsidiaries, and in 1997 by the merger of Grand Metropolitan Public Limited Company and Guinness PLC was created "Diadzheo", focused on the creation of premium beverages. Already around the world are very popular brands of the company, for example: "Bundaberg" in Australia, "Cacique" in Latin America and the famous "Myers's Rum" in Jamaica.


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