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Water "Deeside", Sparkling, Glass, 250 ml

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Tasting Notes


Water transparent color.


The taste of water - clean, refreshing, no aftertaste.


Water has a neutral fresh scent.


Water can be used as a stand alone refreshing drink during the meal, the diet is suitable for vegetarians.

Interesting Facts

Mineral water "Deeside" flows from a natural source Pannanich Wells, located in one of the most beautiful and preserved areas of Scotland. Natural source located in a remote from industrial activity, ecologically clean area. This area is located in the middle of the Grampian Mountains National Park Cairngorm, not far from Balmoral Castle - the residence of the British Queen in Scotland.
Water "Deeside" - one of the cleanest and most useful in the world. It is popular with the royal family, is preferred by the world's leaders, athletes, pop stars and movies. The first mention of the mineral water refers to 1245, records were made by the Templars, who drank the water on its way through the valley of Deeside, and in the second half of the XVIII century, was published many books about the healing properties of the source. It is known that Lord Byron and Walter Scott, too, were in these places, and used the water from the source.

Mineral water "Deeside" has a very unusual healing properties that make it so popular for several centuries. Water "Deeside" has low pH and low concentrations of mineral components, these factors help to maintain a healthy balance in the body. People are always looking for ways to look beautiful and be healthy at any age. Drinking mineral water "Deeside" is one of the possible solutions to this problem. Scientists have shown that it slows down the aging process by 50% more efficient than other tested bottled water. Miracle Water "Deeside" has the ability to inhibit free radicals that provoke aging. In use of this water, which is a natural antioxidant, skin hydration increased by 23% as compared with tap water. Rehydration cells provides the skin radiant and fresh tone, reduces the number of wrinkles. In addition, mineral water "Deeside" is used as an active ingredient in the manufacture of cosmetic products for skin care. Water is used as the basis for a series of health products (herbal tinctures, lotions, etc.). Mineral water "Deeside" helps maintain the balance of nutrients in the application of various types of diets.

Producer's description

Deeside Water Company - a family company founded by George and Martin Simpson. Mineral water "Deeside" was launched in 1996. In 1997 was introduced the first small bottling line. In 2005, she underwent modernization, it has been a modern and highly efficient equipment capable of ensuring the production of 5,000 bottles per hour in different packaging. In 2007, built a new warehouse, which will greatly increase the area for storage of products and helped to improve storage conditions.

Mineral water flowing from underground sources under its own pressure. This process has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Deeside Vote companies trust nature and the natural processes that impart unique properties of water, so never carries out drilling and artificial pumping water, taking care of the environment. The process of bottling water organized so as to best preserve its natural qualities. Water from underground sources is piped length of about 70 meters and flows into reservoirs located in the vicinity of the filling. Processes of water bottling and capping bottles arranged so that they spend as little time.

Deeside Water Company participates in charity events aimed at raising living standards, improving health and preventing diseases, providing its water for drinking and medical purposes.


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