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Beer De Molen, "Bloed, Zweet & Tranen", 0.33 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer dark brown with a little froth.


The taste of beer-bodied, moderately thick, creamy. It begins with the sweet tones of caramel and molasses, which replaced the rich smoky tones (peaty malt, tar, burnt wood, smoked bacon). The finish is long, lingering, with peat and fruity nuances.


The aroma of beer filled with soft smoky, chocolate and caramel notes.


Beer is best consumed with dense, rich dishes (meat, poultry).

Interesting Facts

"Bloed, Zweet & Tranen" ("Blood, sweat and tears") - smoked beer for those looking for something a little more complicated. The strong taste of beer combines the notes of smoked and roasted malt and barley peated. It recommended a beer to savor slowly netoropyas, in the company of the rich and the rich cuisine. Despite the fact that the taste is closer to the style of beer Rauchbier (smoked), the manufacturer classifies it as smoked stout beer and manufactures by top fermentation. "Blood, Sweat and Tears" can be stored for 5 years.

Producer's description

Crafting Brewery De Molen Menno Olivier was founded in 2004 in Bodegraven. The brewery is located in an old windmill, built in 1697, so called "mill". Prior to the establishment's own brewery, brewed beer Olivier in the kitchen, studied brewing at the Dutch master, worked on a professional brewer Brouwerij de Texelse and De Prael in Amsterdam, Stadsbrouwerij de Pelgrim in Rotterdam and has converted his garage even in microbreweries.
Today, De Molen is known for a wide and varied collection of beer both classic and original and progressive grades. The spirit of experimentation that is expressed in the brewery release every 6 weeks a new beers. Many beers are made once. In 2014, the annual volume of beer was released a little more than 5000 hectoliters. Currently, 70% of De Molen beer is exported to 30 countries.


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