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Sparkling wine De Faveri, Prosecco Brut, Treviso DOC

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Tasting Notes


Wine a pale straw color.


The taste of wine is rounded, flexible, open, light and fresh, with a pleasant aftertaste short-lived.


The aroma of wine is filled with distinctive tones of spring flowers and fruits.


Wine is an excellent aperitif, suitable for every day and every occasion.

Interesting Facts

De Faveri, Prosecco Brut - Sparkling dry wine from grapes of Prosecco, also called Glera, which display their best qualities is the creation of a sparkling wine. The drink turns out very light, fresh, open and friendly, combining wine with a variety of dishes. Assembled with high hills in Treviso, Prosecco grapes to create Brut after careful selection goes to the traditional sparkling wines double fermentation method "Sharma", with the only difference being that it is carried out not in bottles (like champagne), and in large tanks stainless steel. Wine has a pressure of 2.5 bars, obtained by natural fermentation, in an autoclave. Hence - a beautiful mousse of fine bubbles and "air" nature of the drink.

Family winery De Faveri began its work in 1978. Lucio and Mirella De Favero spotted great potential Prosecco grape variety that prefers hilly land and reveals its best features in the areas of Valdobbiadene, Fara di Soligo and Vidor. De Favero produce their sparkling wine, successfully combining modern technology with old oenological tradition. His passion for winemaking wife and children passed - Georgia and Giordano, knowing that the younger generation will produce Prosecco with the same attention and care that they themselves, and with the same high level of professionalism that has always distinguished family De Favero.
Regarding the assessment of specialists, they unconditionally "put" winery De Favero of the best producers of Prosecco. Gambero Rosso, gives them three times "Oscar" in the category "Price-quality", wrote about De Favero as follows: "Most manufacturers Prosecco make interesting patterns relying on residual sugar here, on the contrary - it Brut on top. The key to success - quality grapes and skill winemaker. "


  • Color depth: pale
  • Body/Saturation: lung
  • Serving temperature: 6-8°С


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