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Tasting Notes


Vodka transparent color.


Vodka has a clean, refreshing taste.


Delicate aroma of vodka filled with notes of cranberry and raspberry.


Vodka is used chilled. Suitable for the manufacture of various cocktails.

Interesting Facts

"Danish" Cranberry Raspberry - fruit vodka based on the classic vodka "Danish". It consists of only high-quality alcohol, natural water and extracts of cranberry and raspberry. There are no additional softeners. Advanced technology and provide a recipe vodka surprisingly delicate flavor.

A whole range of branded products combined under the name "Danzka Vodka". All vodkas "Danish" gentle and harmonious taste, delicate and balanced flavor, tonic and stimulant properties. High popularity of vodka "Danzka" provides an unusual package. All of this brand of vodka bottled in aluminum containers-thermoses. This package makes it possible to keep long desired flow temperature.

Company "Denish Distillers" (Danish Distillers), producing vodka "Danish", was founded SF Tiegpgenom together with SA Olesen in 1881 and brings together a number of small factories. After 40 years, Danish Distillers Ltd has owned all the factories in Denmark, specializing in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages. The company currently exports spirits in 140 countries around the world and is well known for a large range of high quality products, among which stands out "Danzka Vodka". Under this brand is produced as a classic wheat vodka and its fruit varieties with flavors of lemon, grapefruit, black currant and cranberry raspberry.


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In our store you can buy vodka "Danzka" Cranberyraz, 50 ml, price "Danzka" Cranberyraz, 50 ml — $ 2. Producer vodka Danish Distillers. Delivery "Danzka" Cranberyraz, 50 ml.

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