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Tasting Notes


Whiskey black.


Whiskey has a unique, well-balanced, sweet, smooth taste with hints of tart coffee, malt, smoke, spice and liquorice.


The aroma of whiskey - a sweet, caramel, with hints of liquorice, burnt wood, tobacco and licorice.


Whisky great pure as digestives, ice or in cocktails.

Interesting Facts

"Cu Dhub" - Scottish malt whiskeys, whose name translates from Gaelic as "Black Dog." This name was due to whiskey legend "about black hounds": black dogs herded Leggenskuyu witch in the forest geiko in the Highlands of Scotland. Now this place is the distillery, which produces "Cu Dhub". In the manufacture of whiskey alcohols that only one distillery, fermentation is carried out with the addition of yeast, except caramel and water in the composition of whiskey no additives. "Ku Doo" is maintained for at least three years in oak barrels. Rich black color is obtained by adding a large amount of candy.

Speyside - one of the youngest plants Scotland. The captain of the submarine George Christie, who dreamed of their own distillery, bought the land for the plant in 1956. He already had a plant for the production of grain whiskey, for the manufacture of malt, George Christy in 1962 began construction of "Speyside", which lasted almost 30 years. The first release of "Speyside" was published only in 1990. To quickly increase production portfolio, the plant involved in the release of whiskey without the application of age, as a rule - a three-year aging. The first single malt whiskey under the name of the plant - "Speyside" 8 Years Old - was distilled in 1999 alone. After 2001, under the leadership of the new owners, Speyside whiskey launched the production of peat. Plant Speyside - a small production capacity is 600,000 liters per year, it employs only four people. At the factory also produced other kinds of spirits (gin, etc.).

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In our store you can buy whisky "Cu Dhub", Black Single Malt Whisky, 0.7 L, price "Cu Dhub", Black Single Malt Whisky, 0.7 L — $ 15. Producer whisky Speyside Distillery. Delivery "Cu Dhub", Black Single Malt Whisky, 0.7 L.

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