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Tasting Notes


Whiskey has an intense honey-golden color.


The taste of whiskey is full, balanced and silky, it shows soft fruit and oak shades, nuances of cream, cinnamon and vanilla. The aftertaste is long and persistent.


In the whiskey scent, caramel, wood, tobacco and smoke are balanced with light notes of apples, flowers and citrus.


Whiskey is recommended to serve as a digestive, with ice cubes or cooling stones.

Interesting Facts

"Crown Royal" Reserve - a noble blended whiskey, which is dominated by rye spirits. To create it, only one percent of the total amount of distillate stored in the reserve "Crown Royal" is suitable. They are personally selected by the master of blending, under the guidance of which the raw materials for the future drink are mixed. Whiskey "Crown Royal" The reserve is recommended to enjoy in its pure form, with ice or cooling stones.

Whiskey "Crown Royal" is a drink, created by the company Seagram'specific event and itself became an event. The arrival in 1939 of the English monarch George VI in Canada spodvig winemasters to create a real masterpiece. In its composition there are about 50 varieties of the best whiskey of the company of different degree of exposure. Numerous attempts to assemble them eventually resulted in the creation of a unique, excellent drink, not only appreciated by the king. In the production of whiskey, the masters adhere to the highest standards: shredded grains of rye and malted barley are distilled, the distillate is kept in white American oak barrels until the desired strength and soft, luxurious taste are achieved.

The release to the world market of "Crown Royal" took place only in 1964, when its production could reach mass production. A stunning success enshrined the whiskey name of the "legendary drink of Canada", and to date the number of bottles sold is already about 25 million. The design of the package is worthy of a separate mention and admiration: a bottle in the form of a cut diamond with a crown cap is placed in a case of blue velvet reminiscent of a royal robe. This crowned whiskey by right occupies a special privileged position among all drinks of its category.
Whiskey Crown Royal won four gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2010.

Seagram's company began its history in 1857 with a single factory, opened in Waterloo, Ontario. Its founders were Sam Bronfman and Joseph Sigram. During the years of the dry law in Canada, Seagram's products were mailed, and when the dry law became operational in America, the products were smuggled into its territory. Seagram's production facilities were aimed at creating a large stock of alcoholic beverages and in 1933, when the dry law was canceled, it was he who allowed the company to take off at a speedy pace in terms of sales, acquire several new factories and make a huge fortune. After that, the company until the 90's was at the height of fame. One of her characters was the famous skyscraper Seagram's in New York.

In 1981, the heirs of Bronfman decided to expand the business and absorb one of the leading oil and gas American corporations - Conoco Inc. Without calculating its strength, Seagram's lost, without losing its financial resources, and even expanded its structure, receiving a controlling stake in the chemical giant Dupount. In the 90s, the star of Seagram's advertising company was actor Bruce Willis. The main mistake of the company's management was the decision to take up the film and media business, acquiring several well-known companies through the sale of its most profitable company Dupount. This new type of business absorbed all profits from the sale of beverages. This led to the fact that in the early 2000s the media group was taken over by Vivendi, the low-alcoholic beverage line went to Coca Cola Inc, and the production of alcoholic beverages to Diageo .


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In our store you can buy whisky "Crown Royal" Reserve, 0.75 L, price "Crown Royal" Reserve, 0.75 L — $ 24. Producer whisky Diageo. Delivery "Crown Royal" Reserve, 0.75 L.

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