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"Corsendonk" Tempelier, set of 2 bottles & glass, gift box

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Interesting Facts

The set includes 2 bottles of beer and 1 glass
Volume of the bottle: 330 ml
Cardboard box

A set of 2 bottles of Belgian amber beer "Templar" , 330 ml each, and a stylish branded glass will be an excellent gift to a friend, colleague and just a connoisseur of high-quality foam drink.

"Corsendonk" Tempelier is an amber Belgian ale made by the traditional method of top fermentation with fermentation after bottling. It has a transparent copper-red color and a firm dense foam. "Korsendonk" The Templar is distinguished by an interesting combination of malt and dried fruits in taste. Pleasant freshness is given to him by a slight bitterness in a long aftertaste. This beer is interesting to diversify the taste of fried fish and will be an excellent choice for a picnic with grilled dishes.

Producer's description

Corsendonk Brewery was founded in the mid 1390's the daughter of John III in the city of Oud-Turnhaut the monastery. It flourished for nearly 400 years until it was closed in 1785 by the Austrian Emperor Joseph II. As a result of the French Revolution in 1789, the monastery and all its assets, including brewery, were captured and sold. Only after almost 200 years, the monastery was restored as a hotel complex called Corsendonk Hotels.

In 1906, Sir Henricus Keersmekers founded a new brewery, keeping the tradition of brewing monks. In 1953, the brewery was closed again and has not worked for three decades, is the grandson of Henricus - Jeff - again in 1982, not revived the brand "Korsendonk". The original brewery was for Jeff kind of "winter hobby," while Jeff farm idle, and workers were free. But thanks to high-quality raw materials and pure spring water, the source of which was found on the farm, beer quickly became popular and commercially successful brewery.

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