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Rum "Plantation" Panama, 2000, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Rum golden-amber color with a beautiful sheen.


Original and unique taste of rum, sweet rich shades of honey, maple syrup and cane, roasted pineapple and raisins in common with the aroma of fruit and hints of eucalyptus. Roma is characterized by a long aftertaste with hints of licorice, vanilla and oak.


Rum has a rich and complex bouquet that reveals notes of sweet toffee and exotic flavors of banana, pineapple, cumin and eucalyptus, decorated with notes of herbs, oak and smoke.


Rum is best enjoyed as a digestif, alone or with ice. It is also used in the formulation of numerous cocktails.

Interesting Facts

To create a unique novel "Plantation" Panama using a blend of two alcohol distillery obtained by distillation in a vertical column. The process of creating this novel is interesting that during the nine years he undergoes aging in different places and in different containers. Before compiling blend drink 5 years in the hot tropical climate is aged in barrels made of American oak wood, and the next few years he spent in barrels of bourbon. Then rum neat, while maintaining a natural fortress, transported to France Chateau de Bonbonnet, where it is placed for a few months (sometimes years) in old French oak barrels that previously was kept cognac. This time is sufficient to rum acquired additional organoleptic characteristics peculiar drinks. Its taste and aroma become thinner, much richer and more interesting.

By Cognac Ferrand under the name "Plantation" presented a whole collection of rum produced in various countries of the world, traditionally engaged in the production of this popular beverage. These include Trinidad, Barbrdos, Panama, Guyana, Nicaragua, Jamaica and Grenada. The entire line of rum "Plantation" was created by local technology and taking into account the tradition, so any of its kinds in full messaging features and coloring of the country where it was produced. Feature rum brand "Plantation" is that it is subjected to a double exposure - first at the place of production technology in the specified container, and then in France in barrels of brandy.

Company Cognac Ferrand, now well known for its high-quality products on the world market, was established relatively recently as a result of a partnership agreement between the businessmen Alexander Gabriel, Jean-Dominique Andre and Pierre Ferrand - hereditary growers and producers of cognac. Family Ferrand engaged in manufacturing of this noble drink from the beginning of the XVIII century, and for such a long time in the basement of her accumulated a large number of first-class cognac that do not sell. Thanks to Gabriel's entrepreneurial talent and Andre, the company managed to establish and promote the sale of cognac brand "Pierre Ferrand" in the international market. Over time, due to some disagreements Pierre Ferrand, remaining shareholder of the company, started his own company, and the leadership of Cognac Ferrand is currently engaged Alexander Gabrielle and Jean-Dominique Andre. To date, cognac house owns 60 hectares of vineyards in the region of Grand Champagne, where using organic methods of processing are grown grapes Ugni Blanc and Colombard, of which the best and produced alcohols for cognac "Pierre Ferrand".

The company works closely with a number of distilleries located in the Caribbean - it sells barrels of brandy. Once, during a business trip, Alexander Gabriel tried several samples of rum, aged in barrels and intended for private use. He was pleasantly shocked by the richness of the flavor and taste of the drink. As a result, the idea of ​​buying and bottled rare rums. Thus, among the products produced cognac house "Pierre Ferrand", there was a remarkable collection of Roma under the brand name "Plantation", which once was highly appreciated by specialists and a wide range of fans of this wonderful drink.


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