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Wine "Clos de Tart" Grand Cru AOC, 2001, 1.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Wine garnet color with ruby ​​reflections.


Clos de Tar Grand Cru enchants with its taste, where mineral notes give way to hints of red berries, citrus fruits and dried flowers. The dominant feature is a soft shade of mint. Long aftertaste with hints of raisins and bright minerality.


Bouquet of the wine first bestowed strange aroma, reminiscent of wasabi, after the next pitch fragrant flowers and peas, as well as a pronounced mineral aroma. All this is accompanied by an oak color and notes of red berries - cranberries and cherries.


Restrained soft wine at once suggests the most robust dishes Burgundian kitchen- Boeuf Bourguignon, poultry, rabbit, rooster in wine, grilled meat and even lamb. Cheese should be, of course, powerful and mature.

Interesting Facts

Clos de Tar Grand Cru - the first wine estates Clos de Tar. Fermentation takes place using natural yeast, in oak barrels. Then the wine is kept between 16 and 24 months in oak casks. As is always the case with the best of Burgundy wines, this wine can be enjoyed for a long time, the potential exposure Clos de Tart Grand Cru is 20-30 years.

Clos de Tar estate was founded in 1865 in La Grange Saint-Pierre in the heart of Burgundy. The main building of the estate was the old stone house that once belonged to the abbey of Cluny. In the 20th century enterprising winemaker Jean-Marie Mommesen successfully annexed the land to his possessions - here today produces some of the best wines of Grand Cru Class.
Clos de Tar is located in the area of ​​Morey-Saint-Denis and stretches over seven hectares. Family Mommesen acquired the estate in 1932 at an auction and to this day the vineyard is located in the exclusive possession of the family. They say the day was rain, because of which many potential buyers simply do not come to bargain.
Today, the estate managed by the fourth generation of the family, their possessions extend farther in regions Buzhele and Rhone Valley - in search of the best terroir. However, wine is still aged and bottled in the cellars of the estate Clos. Recently Mommesen family decided to focus on creating high-quality wines of Clos de Tar and refused to produce wines average price category. In this regard, in 1998, has been updated equipment, replaced Barrick built a new winery. Vintage 1998 was one of the best, but because of the commitment to quality that year produced only 1,500 boxes Clos de Tar and 500 cases of the second wine, La Forge. This is a very unusual practice for Burgundy.



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