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Cognac "Claude Chatelier" VSOP, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Cognac light golden color with amber tint.


In brandy, dry, fruity-spicy taste with a good structure, a low alcohol content, easy to drink and pleasant citrus motives. The second wave come shades of caramel, milk chocolate, ginger and nuts. Ends tasting long warming aftertaste.


The aroma of cognac shows a harmonious composition of the shades of spices, ripe fruit (apricot, pear), citrus (orange, lemon peel), vanilla and light oak notes.


Cognac served as a digestif in a pure form.

Interesting Facts

Claude Chatelier VSOP Cognac is produced by "Ferran", which has centuries of experience in the production of spirits and brandy spirits. The main raw material is grape varieties Ugni Blanc and Colombard, of which wine is made the traditional way. It is slowly heated and distilled twice in copper alambikah. Only the heart of the distillate used for further exposure, which takes place on a large 350-liter new barrels of Limousin oak. Its wood has a high porosity and a high level of tannins, making Limousin oak ideal material for aging cognac. About a year later alcohols shimmer in older barrels, which give the drink taste smooth, good balance and a rich bouquet, in which wood shades are no longer dominant. Favorable conditions of temperature and humidity are key factors for aging cognac. This is where the magic of transformation and interaction between the brandy, the wood barrels and the environment, which are key to achieving the delicate balance in the aged spirits. Only skilled craftsmen under the power to create a perfect blend of different age and origin of alcohols, which fully demonstrates the cognac Claude Chatelier VSOP, the last 8 years of exposure.

Company Cognac Ferrand, now well known for its high-quality products on the world market, was established relatively recently as a result of a partnership agreement between the businessmen Alexander Gabriel, Jean-Dominique André and Pierre Ferrand - hereditary growers and brandy producer. Ferrand Family engaged in manufacturing of this noble drink from the beginning of the XVIII century, and for such a long time in the basement of her accumulated a large number of first-class brandy spirits that do not sell. Thanks to the entrepreneurial talent of Gabriel and Andre, the company was able to establish the sale of brandy and promote the brand "Pierre Ferrand" in the international market. Over time, due to some disagreements Pierre Ferrand remaining shareholder of the company, started his own company, and the guidance of Cognac Ferrand is currently engaged Alexander Gabrielle and Jean-Dominique Andre. Today cognac house owns 60 hectares of vineyards in the region of Grand Champagne, where using organic methods of processing are grown grape varieties Ugni Blanc and Colombard, of which, and made the best alcohols for cognac "Pierre Ferrand".

The company works closely with several distilleries located in the Caribbean - it sells barrels of brandy. One day during a business trip, Alexander Gabriel tried a few samples of rum, aged in barrels and intended for private use. He was pleasantly shocked by the richness of aroma and taste of the drink. As a result, the idea of ​​buying and bottled rare rum. Thus, among the products produced cognac house "Pierre Ferrand", there was a remarkable collection of Roma under the brand name "Plantation", which immediately received a high estimation of experts and a wide range of fans of this wonderful drink.


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