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Tasting Notes


Whiskey light brown.


Smooth, soft and easy taste of whiskey drinkers filled with hints of soft fruit, sweet vanilla and hints of peat. The finish is dry.


The taste of whiskey is dominated by fruit and vanilla tones surrounded by light smoke nuances.


Whiskey can be used in pure form (aperitif, digestif), with the addition of water or ice, in cocktails.

Interesting Facts

According whiskey producer "Clansman" - Loch Lomond Distillery - this wonderful drink captures the heart and soul of Scotland. The blended whiskey "Klansmen" combines the best grain and malt whiskey Highland, brought to perfection aging in oak casks (for at least 3 years). "Clansman" - a landmark whiskey, which is sold around the world and introduces consumers to the true nature of blended Scotch whiskey. The traditional method of manufacture of blended whiskey, originating in 1814, provides a beverage with Loch Lomond high quality and the best expression of their region and style.

Loch Lomond -
young plant, built in 1965, Barton Brands and Duncan Thomas. Production started one year later. The factory installed 3 distillation cube, an odd number, uncharacteristic for distilleries. In connection with this, the plant can produce more than one malt. Loch Lomond during its existence has produced 7 different malts. In 1984, during the recession in the whiskey industry, the factory was closed and only earned back in 1987. In 1993, the factory was established Coffey-distiller, which allowed not only to produce malt, and grain whiskey. In 1997, a fire at Loch Lomond destroyed 300 000 liters of whiskey. But the plant continued its work. In 1999, it was put into operation two more cube. Loch Lomond today produces 12 million liters of alcohol per year.


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In our store you can buy whisky "Clansman", 0.7 L, price "Clansman", 0.7 L — $ 9. Producer whisky Loch Lomond . Delivery "Clansman", 0.7 L.

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