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Tasting Notes


Wine of pale yellow color with a greenish tint.


The wine has a clean, pleasant, elegant, fresh taste, woven shades of grapefruit, green apple, flowers, dry grass and citrus, with high acidity and aftertaste expectancy with lemon notes.


Fresh, warm aroma of the wine reveals typical Sauvignon Blanc shades - gooseberry, blackcurrant and kidney boxwood, which are complemented by notes of silicon, rhubarb, citrus fruits, licorice and rose flowers.


The wine is excellent with dishes of fish and white meat and light salads.

Interesting Facts

Elegant, dry white wine "Mademoiselle de T", in 2010 with a complex, fresh taste and aroma of a multi-faceted - it is the embodiment of excellent Sauvignon Blanc grown on limestone soils of the south-western slopes of the holdings farm overlooking the Loire. In 2010, after the cold winter April was dry and warm, which greatly facilitated the work in the vineyards. May turned out to be dry and cool, giving way to a hot, stormy summers and dry, sunny September. A healthy crop of good quality was collected from 22 September.

Chateau de Tracy - this castle, which is surrounded by vineyards, and whose name is the same as the ancient village of the region. The castle is home to the Count's family d'Estyut d'Asse that deals with wine in 1596, although the first charter of vineyards, which are located in the Chateau, dated 1396 year. The first representatives of the Scottish noble family Stutt served in the great Scottish army, who migrated from Scotland to France during the reign of Charles VII and the Hundred Years War. After service in the army of their name was changed somewhat d'Estutt or Destutt. Vineyards farms are mainly located in the south-west. Clay and limestone soils, which contain a large amount of silicon, create powerful wines. Age of vines is different. This can be a very young age from 20-50, are also found fifty years vines and it plays a very important role in a variety of wines. First wines were bottled Chateau at the end of the XIX century by Jacques de Tracy, and their sale was carried out not only in France but also in Russia.


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