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Wine Chateau Mukhrani, Sauvignon Blanc

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Tasting Notes


The wine is a pale lemon color with a greenish tint.


The wine shows a rich, silky, refreshing, well-balanced taste, with notes of melon, ripe apricot and nectarine, and a long finish prolongs the pleasure.


The elegant bouquet of wine with notes of passion fruit, grapefruit and fresh citrus, complemented by spicy nuances of toast and spice.


Wine is fine as an aperitif, as well as perfectly revealed in combination with desserts, fruit salads, dried fruit, cheese with mold.

Interesting Facts

Chateau Mukhrani, Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 is a sleek semi-sweet wine, the aroma of which was reflected notes of fresh citrus and spice, and a lively and well-balanced taste reveals tones of apricot and nectarine. Chilled to 8-12ºC wine will make a good pair of fruits, cheeses and desserts.

To create a wine company Chateau Mukhrani uses Sauvignon Blanc grape variety that is grown with the use of pruning and the so-called "green fees" in order to control the quality of the harvest. Growers deliberately pulled harvesting until late autumn to Sauvignon Blanc and gained a little overripe those special qualities that set this wine among many others. Overripe fruit gain characteristic notes of dried apricot, honey sweet, tropical fruit, while retaining excellent freshness inherent in Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes are harvested by hand and delivered to the winery for 7-12 minutes, to preserve the integrity and freshness of the berries. Rapid transport crops to processing contributes to the close proximity of the vineyards to the winery. After careful sorting and selection of grapes of the highest quality berries destebliruyut at 5-6ºC, and then sent to the conveyor gently crushing. Fermentation of juice is performed using special yeast cultures under strictly controlled temperature of 13-14ºC. Fermentation lasts 7-8 months, due to the high level of sugar in the berries and cold winter weather, which significantly slows down the whole process. The wine is bottled, with the observed high European quality standards to real gourmets and connoisseurs were able to fully enjoy the expressive, concentrated and well-balanced wine.

Producer's description

The company "Chateau Mukhrani" appeared in 2003. It is an international project of Georgian businessmen and a group of companies "Marussia Beverages". Chateau Mukhrani owned winery and the estate of princes Mukhrani, located on the territory of the Georgian village of Mukhrani. These lands were the property of the princes of Mukhrani, leading their ancient royal race of the Bagrationi dynasty. In 2007, the company began construction of the plant and releases its first wine.
Chateau Mukhrani today - modern production methods that meet international quality standards. The company owns its own vineyards, located in the unique, historically significant places. Chief winemaker company - Patrick Henef. He has extensive experience in France, in the Bordeaux region. Patrick Henef strictly monitors the quality of berries and grapes cultivation methods. The company's products received well-deserved recognition and international awards. "Chateau Mukhrani" - it is the only company that mass produces a delicious white wine from grapes Goruli Mtsvane.


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