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Wine Chablis Premier Cru AOC Beauregard 2007

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Tasting Notes


Straw yellow with golden highlights.


The wine has a mineral taste inherent classic Chablis. The elegant aftertaste noticeable fruity notes.


The wine has a fresh scent of flowers.


The wine goes well with seafood, fish (especially salmon on the grill), salad.

Interesting Facts

Chablis Premier Cru AOC Beauregard - classic Chablis with all its mineral characteristics. Ageing potential: 2-5 years. Fresh, fruity taste with a domination of flower and fruit hues.

Jean-Marc Brocard landed his first hectare of grapes and produced the first bottle of Chablis in 1973. Today, Jean-Marc Brocard produces 4 million. Bottles of wine annually and is one of the most important producers in the region.

Jean-Marc Brocard comes from a peasant family, his father was a farmer in the village of Chaudenay-le-Château. Jean-Marc decision to engage in viticulture contributed to the event - in 1971 he married Claudine Petit (childhood sweetheart), the daughter of a winemaker, and this event changed his life. Beginning with acres of vineyards of his father, Emile Petit Brokar created a whole farm of 180 hectares of vineyards in Chablis and Burgundy. Jean-Marc does not use oak barrels, considering that the essence of wine - is an expression of the characteristics of the site, which includes not only the soil but also the climate, and any contact with the tree can completely change and destroy the taste of wine, so the purity of taste his wines undeniable .

Jean-Marc recognizes the significant contribution of one of the oldest vineyards in Saint-Cyr Le Colonsay, who got it from Louis Petit, despite the similarity of names, unrelated to his father in law. It was Louis Petit Jean Marc instilled a sense of tradition and respect for nature, showing that practicing modern methods, it is possible to maintain old traditions. Brocard and his assistant oenologist Patrick Puzo, pay more attention to the special characteristics of each vineyard. Jean-Marc says winemaker link in the chain between the grapes and the wine ready. He pays great attention to the soil. In one of the rooms of the manor is set layout rocks, which demonstrates layers of limestone and clay with fossil shells, through which pass the roots of grapes. Only at first glance it may seem that the soil did not penetration, but the roots of grapes per year can reach a meter, getting minerals, gives the wine unique characteristics. In processing the vineyards preferred natural methods.

Jean-Marc says: "It is true fault lies in the soil, where it originates. Technique - a very important element in the production of wine, but it is only assistance, wine - is to a large extent a product of the soil. Earth Chablis are extraordinary and can not be found anywhere else in the world, so I believe in the future of Chablis even in the next millennium. "

The company exports 60% of its products mainly in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Japan and the United States.


  • Color depth: bright
  • Body/Saturation: average
  • Serving temperature: 10-12° C.
  • Website:
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In our store you can buy wine Chablis Premier Cru AOC Beauregard 2007, price Chablis Premier Cru AOC Beauregard 2007 — $ 24. Producer wine Jean-Marc Brocard (Domaine Sainte-Claire). Delivery Chablis Premier Cru AOC Beauregard 2007.

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