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Wine Castellare di Castellina, Trenta Vendemmie, Toscana IGT, 2007

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Tasting Notes


The wine is dark red-garnet color with light purple highlights.


Wine attracts a powerful, incredibly rich, deep, beautifully delineated taste, in which shades of blackberry, blueberry jam, plum and liquorice blend harmoniously with the tone of the skin, violets, tar and spice. Grainy tannins emphasize the fullness of taste and leave their nuances in the long aftertaste.


Sweet aroma of the wine is filled with charming tones of ripe red berries in the frame of the notes of rose petals and licorice.


Wine tastes wonderful complement venison, roast, red meat and mature cheeses.

Interesting Facts

"Rocca di Frassinello", 2010 - excellent red wine suzhoe that combines strength, power and elegance. The wine is made from a blend of traditional Tuscan grape varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese. In this win-win combination of Sangiovese gives the wine a traditional Italian accents, comfort and wonderful aroma of black cherries, Merlot - sweet fruit flavors and Cabernet Sauvignon gives him magical power and structure. Extract of wine is carried out in French oak barrels, which gives special flavors and aromas. Vintage 2010 is recommended to drink now or in the period to 2024. Like other high-quality wines intended for long-term storage, "Rocca di Frassinello" 2 hours before use is recommended to decant.

"Rocca di Frassinello" produced in Maremma, Tuscany is a geographical region - the birthplace of traditional Italian winemaking. However, the Maremma is not like the rest of Tuscany. It's kind of the main pilot plant in the region. 60 years ago, it is a marshy area with swarms of malarial mosquitoes, it is not suitable for production and living. And 20 years ago, no one believed that in this area you can make good wine. But their hard work winemakers have proved the opposite.

Winery Rocca di Frassinello is a unique phenomenon in the world of wine. It was designed as a very special company capable to connect the unconnected. The head of one of the largest wineries in Maremma developed an ambitious project that would help expand the idea of ​​the ordinary consumer of art of winemaking. Its main aim was to keep the core tradition of winemaking, bring it new technologies, architectural and design functionality, entertainment and even shocking. Indeed, located on top of a low hill building brick red color, topped by a tower of rectangular shape, attracts the attention of everyone who passes along the road between Rome and Pisa. It is as if specially emphasizes the contrast between the progress and nature. The author of the project was an Italian architect Renzo Piano, who is known in the world of such works as the airport in Osaka, Japan, Pompidou Centre in the French capital, in New York City Building New York Times, and in Rome - Parco della Musica.

As a work of modern architecture, the building of the winery Rocca di Frassinello different functionality and simplicity. Particular note must be a wine cellar for 2,500 barrels, built in the shape of an ancient Roman arena. The man standing in the center, it seems that he is on the stage, surrounded by thousands of spectators. Itself "scene" is illuminated sunlight penetrating through a window in the ceiling. Another architectural feature of the winery is a huge terrace, which at harvest dumped bunch of ripe grapes, and after the initial sorting himself by gravity down to the cellar. From this terrace offers magnificent views of the hills covered with vineyards, fields and hunting grounds, so it is often arranged receptions and wine tasting.

Rocca di Frassinello - first joint Italian-French wine project in which the Italian side is represented by Castellare di Castellina, owned by Paolo Panero and French - Baron Eric de Rothschild, who owns Domains Baron de Rotschild-Lafite in Bordeaux. Vineyards farms are on the highest hill Terminuzzo 15 km from the sea and consists of a strip of special climatic conditions, with extremely long, dry summer, contributing to the rapid and uniform ripening berries. The soil is difficult, is rocky in nature, with a predominance of gravel, clay and limestone. High soil drainage allows the grapes do not accumulate excess sugar and perfectly enriches its mineral composition.
Half of the area is occupied mainly Sangiovese grape variety, while the remaining 50% are grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Syrah, necessary for the production of red wines. Vineyards are handled manually without the use of chemicals. The use of traditional Tuscan Sangiovese grapes and classic French varieties, as well as fruitful cooperation oenologist Christian Le Sommer and Alessandro Celli, enable us to obtain great wines that reflect the best achievements of the Tuscan and French wine. The first production was released in 2004 and in just a few years the winery Rocca di Frassinello received recognition from the world's leading experts.


  • Color depth: saturated
  • Body/Saturation: full-bodied
  • Serving temperature: 16-18°C
  • Website:
  • In the Box : 6
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In our store you can buy wine Castellare di Castellina, Trenta Vendemmie, Toscana IGT, 2007, price Castellare di Castellina, Trenta Vendemmie, Toscana IGT, 2007 — $ 202. Producer wine Domini Castellare di Castellina. Delivery Castellare di Castellina, Trenta Vendemmie, Toscana IGT, 2007.

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