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Wine "Carlo Rossi" Chardonnay

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Tasting Notes


The wine is pale straw color.


The wine has a fresh fruity flavor with hints of green apple, ripe pear, citrus, spices and pleasant oak tones.


The aroma of wine reveals notes of fresh ripe fruit and herbs.


The wine goes well with white meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. Well suited to the fruit and cheese.

Interesting Facts

"Carlo Rossi" Chardonnay - aromatic white semi-dry wine with a light fruity flavor with pleasant hints of oak. The finish is long and juicy.

Carlo Rossi began his career in the wine business in 1953 the winery Gallo as the seller. By 1962 he developed a line of wines "Carlo Rossi Red Mountain", which became one of the best-selling collection of the plant. By 1975, Carlo Rossi has become the "face and voice" of wines produced in special jars. He starred in the radio and television broadcasts, talking about their wines, made according to own recipes for general consumers. Its simple, simple style has become known not only in California but also in 60 countries of the world, and his witty remarks promo video began almost folk. The most famous of them: "I like to talk about wine, but I'd rather drink it." Since 70-ies of XX century, has sold more than 1 billion bottles of wine, "Carlo Rossi."

Today the line "Carlo Rossi" is represented by 14 wines, which are sold at affordable prices and become a welcome addition to the family or a friendly dinner, will create a pleasant laid-back atmosphere at the table.

Producer's description

The company Gallo Family Vineyards - a family business that has been around for over 80 years. In 1933, after the repeal of Prohibition brothers Ernest and Julio Gallo founded their winery in California's Central Valley, took credit for the purchase of special equipment and have entered into agreements with local producers to buy grapes. In 1948, the company signed a long-term contract with the family company Frei, having vineyards in Sonoma Valley, and for many years their crops used for the production of wine. After 30 years of Gallo Family bought the land and founded Sonoma Winery. Over the years, research and innovation play an important role in the production of wines and helped to achieve great success in this field. In 1958 Gallo family opened its own laboratory for basic research in the cultivation of grapes and wine. Gallo Family Vinyards actively pursuing a policy of environmental protection and was the first international company in the country, has received ISO 14001 certification.

Once in the company's management came a second generation family Gallo (son of Ernest - Joseph) in the UK was opened her first overseas sales office and production Gallo Family Vinyards began to conquer the world and today it can be found in more than 90 countries. Gradually, the company has become a truly international corporation, which includes more than 60 well-known brands, producing table wines and sparkling wines, liqueurs and other spirituous beverages. The most famous of the brands - "Barefoot Wine" and "Carlo Rossi". Who participates in the management of the company is the fourth generation of the family, maintaining a long tradition and sharing the main founders of belief: "All of us have relatives by blood and congenial. In our family, both proximity and blood and spirit gives us the inspiration to create great wine and makes it a sense of our lives. "


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In our store you can buy wine "Carlo Rossi" Chardonnay, price "Carlo Rossi" Chardonnay — $ 6. Producer wine Gallo Family Vineyards. Delivery "Carlo Rossi" Chardonnay.

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