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Wine Cantine Lunae, Vermentino "Etichetta Nera", Colli di Luni DOC, 2014

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Tasting Notes


Wine intense straw-yellow color with light golden reflections.


The taste of wine is very pleasant, harmonious, stable, with excellent duty structure.


Elegant aroma of the wine is characterized by clear hints of wild flowers, herbs, spices, ripe fruit and honey.


The wine goes well with the most important Ligurian cuisine: dried fish, stewed tripe, poultry, soups and hot fish dishes.

Interesting Facts

To create a wine Vermentino "Etichetta Nera" is used grapes grown in vineyards in Castelnuovo Magra and Ortonovo in Colli di Luni in northwest Italy. Interestingly, the vineyards of Colli di Luni, classified as DOC, located in two regions of Italy - in Liguria and Tuscany. The cultivation of grapes and production of wine in the Colli di Luni strictly controlled conditions denomination. Vermentino wine to create a "Etiketta Nera" ("Black Label") is collected from the 35-year-old vines. Gathering takes place in mid-September. Vinification includes maceration on grape skins for 48 hours and the fermentation in stainless steel vats. Subsequent exposure of wine in steel tanks lasts until March or April of next year. Vermentino is recommended to serve in large glasses to fully disclose the flavor of wine.

Producer's description

The inspiration for the name of the winery Luna was the ancient city of Luni - Etruscan and Greek port, dedicated to Greek goddess Selene (Moon or the Romans). It was founded by the Romans in 177 BC Manufacturing Cantine Lunae is rooted in the ancient history of this land and its people (the Etruscans, Greeks, Romans), from which it inherited the tradition of winemaking. Family Bosoni for centuries engaged in farming. In 1966, Paolo Bosoni decided to concentrate on the production of wine and replaced with fruit and olive trees vines. He carefully examined the terroir of Liguria and the local indigenous grapes, consulted experts and scholars.

Today the Moon Cantina boasts several magnificent vineyards classified as DOC or IGT. Cantina moon is the largest wine producer in the region, is used for making wine grapes from its own vineyards, 15 (three of which are experimental), as well as purchased from 150 small producers of Liguria. Cantine Lunae offers a range of different still wines - red, white and pink, made from different grape varieties, including the autochthonous. for the region. But the main variety for the moon certainly is Vermentino. If the annual production is about 450,000 bottles, the 200,000 of them accounted for wine from Vermentino, which are not only the most famous cellars of the moon, but also the most titled. Lunae also produces sparkling wines, a variety of liqueurs and grappa from Vermentino.


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