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Wine "El Nino de Campillo", Rioja DOC, 2014

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Tasting Notes


The wine is a beautiful cherry red color with a purple hue.


Fresh, round, well-balanced wine with a fruity character, multi-layered taste, soft ripe tannins and an elegant finish.


The rich aroma of wine is represented by multiple notes of ripe red fruits, vanilla and sweet underlined toast shades.


The wine goes well with fried mushrooms, red meat, pork tenderloin, baked with onions and cheese.

Interesting Facts

The name of the wine "El Nino" is built on a play of words and reflects the characteristics of its production. "El Niño" is translated from Spanish as "baby boy". The company Campillo writes about his brainchild: "He was born in our vineyards, growing up under the close supervision of parents and growing up, dutifully followed the example of older brothers. Bodegas Campillo is the world of the new member of his close-knit family. Easy and full strength wine intended for pleasure. Wine with an excess of energy, lively and restless, but with a very good heredity and manners. " At the same time, "El Niño" - is the name of a natural phenomenon, which is expressed in a periodic abnormal warming of surface waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador and Peru, happens once every few years and cause meteorological disasters.

Wine "El Nino de Campiglio", created in 2013 from grapes Tempranillo (90%) and Graciano (10%). In the process of vinification method was used in part "carbonic maceration" - a special technology, when the primary alcoholic fermentation takes place before the stage of crushing, inside as much as or slightly crushed under its own weight of berries, in the absence of oxygen. According to this procedure are young light wines with fruity, delicate flavor and low tannins, for example, well-known Beaujolais Nouveau. Exposure of wine for 7 months takes place in new oak barrels. Thus, the young fruit "boyish" character of wine is complemented by a well structured body.

Winery Campillo (Bodegas Campillo) belongs to the family of Faustino Martinez, and is part of the "Faustino Group", whose products are characterized by consistently high quality and unique and has a high reputation in the world markets. Bodegas Campillo founded in 1988 by Julio Faustino Martinez, which brought the picturesque surroundings of the town Laguardia. Martinez wanted to bring in the new Bodegas principle Bordeaux Chateau. In 1990, construction was completed. Interestingly, the "Campillo" has become one of the first in Rioja bodegas built in a special architectural design. As well as building the bodega, quality wines produced her staggering. They are characterized by refined elegance and nobility of taste, embodying the classic Rioja style. The farm has 50 hectares of land on which it grows grape varieties Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viura and Malvasia. Wines produced here are classified as extra-class products, and the popularity of wines Bodegas Campillo at home is so high that more than half of the output is bought on the spot.


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