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Whisky Bruichladdich, "Octomore" Scottish Barley, in tube, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


When filled, glass translucent, soft yellow color comes alive like whiskey hidden inside the ray of the autumn sun.


Fresh, bluff, peaty taste of whiskey is made up of base notes of barley malt and spicy oak, interspersed with notes of vanilla, toasted rye bread and walnuts. Even more excitement make bright accents of fresh lime, apple and pear, leaving the unusually warm aftertaste.


The first wave of aroma brings a sense of sea spray, algae and heavy, saturated with iodine odor. Following shall enter into force peat smoky flavor with light floral patches of heather, mint and lemon balm.


The classic use of whiskey - clean or slightly diluted with water or ice cubes.

Interesting Facts

"Octomore" Scottish Barley - a young but highly mature drink that immediately will attract your attention. An active, strong peaty taste nevertheless has ease and subtle elegance. Whiskey is named after the farm Oktomor, which is located just 1.6 km upstream from the distillery Brukladdi. It is here that is born selected barley, which lets you create scotch whiskey of exceptional quality.

Brukladdi distillery founded in 1881 on the island of Islay, on the lake of the Indus. Translated from gellskogo its name means "Land coast," it is the westernmost distillery in Scotland. The company has experienced several periods of stagnation and decline before 2001 it bought Jim McEwan, along with several other investors. The new owners of the distillery Brukladdi refused to add caramel and using the method of cold filtration, elected in their opinion the optimal strength of the drink 46% and created a unique whiskey. They also developed a new packaging design and labels than the given product even more modern look. Long breaks in the work of the distillery preserved primeval elements of Scottish distilleries. Preserved iron tank for mixing alcohol outdoors, vintage forged distiller, fermentation tanks of American pine and storage for aging whiskey. From time to time the barrels with an alcohol bring to the beach, where in the process of aging whiskey is saturated with sea aromas.


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In our store you can buy whisky Bruichladdich, "Octomore" Scottish Barley, in tube, 0.7 L, price Bruichladdich, "Octomore" Scottish Barley, in tube, 0.7 L — $ 236. Producer whisky Bruichladdich . Delivery Bruichladdich, "Octomore" Scottish Barley, in tube, 0.7 L.

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