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Whisky Bruichladdich, "Islay Barley" Dunlossit Farm, 2006, in tube, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Whiskey straw color.


Sweet taste of whiskey, vanilla, with hints of cinnamon, oak, honey and citrus. Long aftertaste full of spicy and vanilla nuances.


Whiskey has a fresh aroma with hints of sea salt, malted barley, custard, cinnamon and nutmeg.


Whiskey is ideal in its pure form, as an aperitif, digestif, on the rocks or with a cup of coffee.

Interesting Facts

"Islay Barley" Dunlossit Farm, 2006 - single malt Scotch whiskey, which is used in the production of barley grown in the eastern part of the island of Islay in the Dunlossit Farm. This farm belongs to Bruno Schroder, a shareholder of the company Brukladdi. Barley was harvested in September 2006 and eight weeks it was distilled. Jim McEwan says, "Ayla Barley" Danlossit Farm - fresh and spicy whiskey, showing the true nature of barley, with the most seductive texture. The sun in a glass! "

Brukladdi distillery founded in 1881 on the island of Islay, on the lake of the Indus. Translated from gellskogo its name means "Land coast," it is the westernmost distillery in Scotland. The company has experienced several periods of stagnation and decline before 2001 it bought Jim McEwan, along with several other investors. The new owners of the distillery Brukladdi refused to add caramel and using the method of cold filtration, elected in their opinion the optimal strength of the drink 46% and created a unique whiskey. They also developed a new packaging design and labels than the given product even more modern look. Long breaks in the work of the distillery preserved primeval elements of Scottish distilleries. Preserved iron tank for mixing alcohol outdoors, vintage forged distiller, fermentation tanks of American pine and storage for aging whiskey. From time to time the barrels with an alcohol bring to the beach, where in the process of aging whiskey is saturated with sea aromas.


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